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Xinhua promotes bamboo and wooden slips culture.

Xinhua promotes bamboo and wooden slips culture.

Bamboo and Wooden Slips Culture: A Bridge to Ancient China

Xinhua promotes bamboo and wooden slips culture.

Promoting the Rich Heritage of Bamboo and Wooden Scripts

A theme activity was launched on July 29, 2023, to promote the understanding of bamboo and wooden slips culture. (Source: event organizer)

The ancient Chinese civilization dates back several millennia, and during a time when writing paper had not yet been invented, bamboo and wooden slips served as the medium for recording knowledge and preserving historical texts. In an effort to shed light on this unique form of documentation, a theme activity was recently launched in Dunhuang, northwest China’s Gansu Province, to promote the understanding and appreciation of bamboo and wooden slips culture.

Predecessor to Writing Paper: “Jiandu” – Bamboo and Wooden Scripts

Before the emergence of writing paper, ancient Chinese scholars etched characters on bamboo and wooden slips, creating what came to be known as “Jiandu,” which literally translates to bamboo and wooden scripts. These scripts were bound together using delicate silk or sturdy hemp ropes, providing a comprehensive record of the civilization’s achievements and knowledge.

Online and Offline Activities: A Global Outreach

With the aim of introducing Chinese culture to the world and cultivating a positive image of China, a series of online and offline activities will be organized as part of this event. These activities will not only educate people about the culture of bamboo and wooden slips but also highlight the stories and significance of the Silk Road, an ancient trade route that once connected East and West.

Knowledge Sharing and Collaborative Efforts

The launching ceremony of this theme activity witnessed insightful speeches delivered by experts from prestigious universities and museums. These experts delved into the rich history and cultural significance of bamboo and wooden slips, providing a deeper understanding of this ancient form of documentation. In the coming days, journalists from nearly 20 influential media outlets will embark on focused interviews in Dunhuang and Lanzhou, uncovering hidden gems of knowledge and sharing them with the world.

A Joint Endeavor by Gansu Provincial Cyberspace Administrative Office and

The event is jointly organized by the Gansu Provincial Cyberspace Administrative Office and, demonstrating the collaborative efforts in promoting cultural heritage and fostering global understanding. Together, they strive to showcase the indelible contributions of bamboo and wooden slips to the Chinese civilization and beyond.


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