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Worsening NYC migrant crisis compels sidewalk sleep.

Worsening NYC migrant crisis compels sidewalk sleep.

The Migrant Crisis in New York City

The migrant crisis in New York City has reached a breaking point, with some asylum seekers being forced to sleep on the streets.

In midtown Manhattan, outside the Roosevelt Hotel, which now serves as a migrant processing center for city shelters, asylum seekers can be found sleeping on the sidewalks.

One of these asylum seekers, Adrian Daniel Jose, left his wife and three children in Venezuela and embarked on a dangerous journey to the US. He was robbed in Mexico, leaving him with only the clothes on his back and a pair of taped-together glasses.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has stated that the situation has reached a point where there is no more room to accommodate the increasing number of migrants.

According to the mayor’s office, over 95,000 migrants have arrived in New York City since last spring.

Seeking Help from the Biden Administration

To address the chaos, Mayor Adams and the mayors of Chicago and Denver are asking the Biden administration to expedite work permits for migrants coming to their cities.

These migrants have been bused from Texas to cities across the country as part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star. The movement of detaining fathers while turning over children and mothers to Border Patrol is reminiscent of the Trump administration’s controversial family separation policy.

Natalia and Maksim Subbotina, who are seeking political asylum, arrived in Mexico after months of waiting and crossed into the US from Texas. Natalia, a former professor in Russia, expressed the difficulties they are facing in their new situation.

The Biden administration’s decision to bar asylum claims from those who don’t seek refuge in other countries has been halted by a district judge, requiring officials to end that policy soon.

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