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Wise Leader Driven to Transform Spring Creek

Wise Leader Driven to Transform Spring Creek

New Head Football Coach at Spring Creek Aims to Change Culture

Ronnie Wise, the new head football coach at Spring Creek, is bringing a contagious enthusiasm and determination to change the program’s culture. Wise, a former teacher at Spring Creek Middle School, was hired to guide the Gators’ football program after the previous head coach resigned. Wise believes that in addition to coaching football, it is crucial to focus on changing the mindset and morale of the players.

Overcoming Challenges

Spring Creek has struggled in the past, with a record of 10-39 since 2018. Wise’s biggest challenge is getting the players to believe in themselves and break free from the negative tradition that has haunted the team for years. He emphasizes that taking a loss does not mean they are a bad team and wants them to start moving forward with a positive mindset.

A Program Built on Unity

Wise understands the importance of a strong football program that includes both middle school and high school levels working together. Instead of just building a team, he is focused on creating a unified program where players can look forward to progressing from middle school to high school football. Wise believes that this integration will contribute to the long-term success of the Gators.

Gaining Community Support

Wise recognizes the significance of community support for the team’s success. To engage with the Seven Springs community, he is hosting the inaugural Green-Blue Scrimmage, where the two teams will compete for the new Gator Football Trophy. The event will feature food, music, and an opportunity for the community to tour the new weight room. Wise invites everyone from the Spring Creek community, including the high school, middle school, and elementary school, to join and witness the progress being made.


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