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Vitamin D deficiency and joint problems due to lifestyle changes

Vitamin D deficiency and joint problems due to lifestyle changes

Prevalence of Vitamin-D Deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin-D is prevalent in all age groups and the common reasons for it are changes in dietary habits and a change in lifestyle, experts have said.

Dr Sandeep Kapoor (centre) Dr Sandeep Garg (right) addressing mediapersons (HT Photo)

The Impact of Changes in Dietary Habits and Lifestyle

The change in dietary habits contributes to poor calcium in the body while lifestyle changes have restricted people inside the home and office, said Dr Sandeep Kapoor, director Healthcity hospital on Thursday.

“At least seven out of 10 individuals suffer from vitamin-D deficiency. This is why you find young ones going for treatment of joint pain,” said Dr Kapoor.

Dr Kapoor, the founder of Arthritis Foundation of Lucknow (AFoL), addressed a joint press conference with co-founder Dr Sandeep Garg. “To mark the National Bone and Joint Week, a free check-up camp will be conducted on August 4 and 5. Patients can book an appointment at the reception counter of Healthcity hospital between 9 am and 11 am.

The Importance of Bone Health

“People discuss fitness and healthy food, but bone health apparently comes last, eventually when they have pain in joints. This is not the correct way as ignoring bone health can limit mobility even in daily life,” said Dr Garg.

Dr Kapoor and Dr Garg, who are also heading the Healthcity Vistaar project, said, “Symptoms for poor bone health are evident. Difficulty in movement, noisy joints, or clicking, swelling in the joints are indications of trouble in bone/joint and they should not be ignored.”

The doctors said that under the camp, people can get expert advice and also plan treatment for their bone-related illness. “Our experts will guide patients on how to improve their bone health and keep joints fit for long,” said Dr Kapoor.

Tips for Maintaining Good Bone Health

# Exercise daily and have healthy food

# Get exposed to sun in the morning for some time daily

# Keep track of vitamin-D levels at least once a year

# On having symptoms/trouble in joint meet an orthopaedic expert


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