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Suspects in Dayton airport hostage incident had criminal past.

Suspects in Dayton airport hostage incident had criminal past.

Suspects Shot and Killed in Hostage Incident

New documents have shed more light on the two suspects who were shot and killed by Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers during a hostage incident in Vandalia. Rodney Helman, 54, and Elaine Helman, 51, were the individuals who lost their lives in the encounter.

Background Check

News Center 7 dedicated the entire day to investigating the backgrounds of Rodney and Elaine Helman. Insights into their lives were sought to understand the events that led to their fatal encounter with state troopers.

False Identities

Upon being stopped by London Police, the Helmans provided false names. Rodney identified himself as Ronald, as captured in body camera footage acquired through a public records request. The couple claimed to be Ronald and Barbara Taylor but were unable to produce identification and could not recall their social security numbers.

Escape and Hostage Situation

Dash and body camera videos reveal that the Helmans fled in their minivan after the initial traffic stop. They drove for approximately five minutes until reaching a truck stop, where they entered an unlocked cabin of a semi and coerced the driver to help them escape. One of the suspects was armed with a gun.

40-Mile Chase

The pursuit lasted for 40 miles and concluded on Dayton International Airport Access Road at around 3:30 a.m. Following an extensive standoff, a shootout ensued between the Helmans and state troopers. Both Elaine and Rodney succumbed to their injuries later that morning.

Past Residence and Criminal Records

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations stated that the Helmans’ last known address was in Vandalia. Recently discovered court documents revealed their eviction from a Butler Twp. home in 2018. Additionally, Rodney was arrested on drug charges at a Vandalia residence in 2020, while Elaine served a brief prison sentence for a receiving stolen property conviction in the same year.

Previous Encounter with the Police

News Center 7 obtained police video showing an incident in December 2022, where Rodney was pulled over by Moraine police. The footage depicted him driving away from the police, dropping off his mother, and then fleeing at high speed. Subsequently, Moraine police discovered four active warrants for Rodney’s arrest.

Ongoing Investigation

Both the incident that precipitated the officer-involved shooting and the shooting itself are currently under investigation.


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