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Video reveals astonishing power of jet blast.

Video reveals astonishing power of jet blast.

Ever Imagined How Powerful Jet Blast Is? Watch This Viral Video

Jet blasts can cause objects and people to fall down.

Understanding the Power of Jet Blast

Have you ever thought about the potential power of an aeroplane engine? Tremendous amounts of aviation fuel combined with strong mechanics result in immense power.

Recently, a video showcasing the force of jet engines and depicting people being thrown from their feet by the force went viral on social media. The video, shared by a Twitter account called “Callum Hodgson”, shows around 20-30 people casually standing near an aircraft and recording videos of it roaming next to the runway boundary.

The video’s caption reads, “Here’s a small preview of the absolute chaos that occurs when people underestimate the power of aircraft engines!”

The video further demonstrates a powerful air current coming from the plane’s engines as it takes off, causing a few people to fall down while others struggle to maintain their footing.

What is Jet Blast?

According to the Aviation File, a blog dedicated to all things aviation, jet blast refers to the effect created by the thrust force that comes out of the back of the engines of jet-powered aircraft. The severity of the effect may vary depending on the type of aircraft and environmental conditions such as runway length and departure procedure. Generally, jet blast tends to be stronger for heavy-caliber aircraft and high-performance takeoff situations.

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