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Chinese youth opt for casual relationships to avoid complications.

Chinese youth opt for casual relationships to avoid complications.

Young People In China Choose 'Temporary Partners' To Avoid Complicated Relationships

The trend became popular as the young were feeling alone.

A New Trend in China: Choosing Temporary Partners for Companionship

A new trend is taking over in China. Young people looking for companionship are seeking out temporary partners to avoid complicated relationships, as per a report in South China Morning Post (SCMP). The term for mandarin is da zi, which according to the outlet, means “everything can be matched”. At the core of this unique form of social interaction is the idea of choosing people with similar interests and has little to do with gender, or even knowing the person, the outlet further said.

Seeking Temporary Partners on Social Media Platforms

The young in China are seeking out these “temporary partners” on social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu, said SCMP. They look for people with shared interests in food, gaming, fitness, travel, farming, chatting, and listening to music. It’s not necessary that these partners come face-to-face; they can engage in daily conversations on WeChat and other such platforms.

Benefits and Motivations Behind Having Temporary Partners

“Having a stranger supervise ensures both of us take it seriously. If I ask a friend or family member to do it, I might not take it as seriously and even argue with them,” one of the youngsters who has a temporary partner told SCMP. The trend became popular as the young were feeling alone and also wanted to maintain their own space and independence. “I am truly very lonely, but I don’t like initiating social interactions. I hope to have a stranger who won’t delve into my life but can keep me from watching movies or eating hotpot all alone,” one of the trend followers said.

Pitfalls and Challenges in Finding Temporary Partners

However, some people face disappointment while trying to find such partners. A 20-year-old told the outlet that he arranged for a meal with a male partner, but in the interaction, he had to play the part of a good listener. Recalling another such incident, the man said he developed romantic feelings for a female temporary partner, but she was already in a relationship.

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