Saturday, February 24, 2024
Veterans criticize Biden's minimizing of Afghanistan withdrawal.

Veterans criticize Biden’s minimizing of Afghanistan withdrawal.

US veterans are criticizing the White House for their portrayal of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan as a success. They argue that National Security Council spokesman John Kirby’s blaming of former President Donald Trump for the chaotic evacuation is a political attempt to protect corrupt politicians in Washington. Kirby claimed that Biden had no intention of withdrawing troops until Trump promised the Taliban to do so. However, veterans argue that blaming Trump is a way for the Biden administration to avoid accountability. The hasty evacuation mission, in which 13 US servicemembers died, has caused moral injury to the veteran population. Lawmakers are also slamming the White House for its handling of the situation and lack of accountability for its role. They demand that Biden answer for the soldiers who lost their lives in the evacuation. Kirby released a 12-page document claiming that Biden was forced to withdraw troops due to Trump’s promise to the Taliban. Veterans argue that this document is an attempt to downplay the administration’s responsibility for the evacuation’s failure.


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