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US Speaker defies China, meets Taiwan President.

US Speaker defies China, meets Taiwan President.

US Speaker Met with Taiwan President Amid China Tensions

Updated Apr 6, 2023 | 07:50 AM IST

Recent reports reveal that the US Speaker met with the Taiwanese President despite the increasing tensions with China. The meeting, which occurred in Taiwan, has led to a further escalation of tensions between the US and China, with the latter heavily criticizing the act. During the meeting, the two officials reportedly discussed the acceleration of arm deliveries to Taiwan.

China Reacts to the US-Taiwan Meeting

The Chinese government has strongly condemned the meeting between the US Speaker and the Taiwanese President, stating that it “blatantly interferes in its internal affairs.” China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson further accused the US of disregarding the “One China” policy that acknowledges Taiwan as a part of China. The spokesperson reiterated that China would take necessary measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

This meeting has intensified tensions between the US and China, a relationship already strained due to complex economic, political, and strategic issues. In addition, China-Taiwan tensions remain high as Taiwan continues to assert its independence from China, which Beijing strongly opposes.

US Defends the Meeting as Routine

Despite China’s strong condemnation, the US has defended the meeting, with Sabrina Singh, the deputy press secretary of the Pentagon, stating that such meetings are routine and happen frequently. She added that the US is committed to its stance of maintaining a strong, constructive, and comprehensive relationship with Taiwan. She further stated that the US seeks to work with Taiwan to promote stability and prosperity in the region.


The meeting between the US Speaker and Taiwanese President has sparked significant controversy, heightening tensions between the US and China. The meeting’s timing is particularly sensitive, as Taiwan asserts its independence, and China seeks to maintain its “One China” policy. The US maintains that such meetings are routine and necessary, emphasizing its commitment to a strong relationship with Taiwan. It remains to be seen how China will respond to this latest development and further affect the complex dynamics between the three nations.

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