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US influencer risks jail in Dubai for screaming.

US influencer risks jail in Dubai for screaming.

Social Media Influencer Detained in Dubai for Violating Noise Laws

A social media influencer, Tierra Young Allen, has been detained in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (The U.A.E.), for over two months after being charged with the crime of screaming in public. She is now facing potential jail time.

Altercation with Rental Company Leads to Legal Trouble

The issues began in April when Young, 29, got into an altercation with a rental company. Young and a friend had been involved in an accident with a vehicle from the company. Young returned to the company to retrieve some of her valuables but was shocked to receive a bill she had not anticipated. An argument ensued, which ultimately led to Young screaming, thereby violating the country’s laws on noise in public spaces.

Potential Prison Time for Young Allen

Tina Baxter, Young’s mother, revealed in an interview with Fox 26 that her daughter may now be facing prison time for her actions. Baxter explained how the situation escalated when her daughter went to the rental car company to retrieve her ID and credit card, among other items. It was at this point that Young discovered she could only retrieve her belongings if she paid an undisclosed amount of money. Baxter described the encounter with an aggressive individual at the company who was shouting at her daughter. In response, Young raised her voice, leading to her being charged with the crime of screaming.

Surveillance Tape as Evidence

The entire argument was captured on a surveillance tape, which will be used as evidence during the trial.

Passport Seized and Travel Ban Imposed

Authorities in Dubai have seized Allen’s passport and imposed a travel ban on her while they continue to investigate the matter.

Theocratic Influence on Dubai’s Strict Laws

The New Black Panther Nation leader in Houston, Quanell X, who has been involved with Young’s case, explained that Dubai’s legal system is heavily influenced by theocracy. The country considers raised voices, especially from women, as unacceptable behavior.

Quanell X expressed his opinion that Young did not commit a crime and should not be punished for doing something that a man could also do in Dubai. He criticized the unfairness and injustice of punishing women for the same actions allowed for men.

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