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Ugandan music sensation enters politics: A new chapter.


The powerful new documentary, “Bobi Wine: The People’s President” sheds light on the story of political corruption and brutal violence colliding with unwavering courage and fearlessness.

The Rise of Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine, a renowned Ugandan musician, has transitioned from being a pop star to an activist and politician. The documentary, produced by National Geographic, provides an unflinching portrayal of Wine’s bold endeavor to unseat Uganda’s current president. This dictator has been in power since 1986, wielding a ruthless grip over the nation.

The Battle for Presidency

In the country’s 2021 presidential election, Bobi Wine courageously challenged the most powerful man in Uganda. Alongside his wife Barbie and their dedicated supporters, Wine faced relentless persecution, intimidation, physical violence, torture, and even death.

The Sacrifices Made

This documentary offers audiences and the world a glimpse into the extent of the sacrifices made by Wine, his family, and followers in their fight against the dictatorial regime. It highlights their unwavering determination to bring attention to the realities of Uganda and the pursuit of true freedom and justice.

Wine’s Mission

Wine articulates his goal with clarity, stating, “I want to bring the reality of Uganda to the face of the world. I want the world to know what exactly is happening in Uganda in 2023.”

Release Date

“Bobi Wine: The People’s President” will be screened in select theaters starting from July 28, inviting viewers to witness the incredible journey of Bobi Wine and his quest for change.


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