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Turkish President Erdogan meets US counterpart Biden. (6 words)

Turkish President Erdogan meets US counterpart Biden. (6 words)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Upcoming Visits to France and UAE

Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra has announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to depart tomorrow morning for his official visits to France and UAE. These visits are of immense significance in strengthening international relations and fostering cooperation between India and these two countries.

Visit to France

Prime Minister Modi’s first destination will be France, where he is set to reach Paris tomorrow. This visit comes as a result of an invitation extended by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, to Prime Minister Modi. The visit will span over two days, July 13th and 14th, providing ample opportunities for productive discussions and engagements between the two leaders and their respective delegations.

Strengthening Bilateral Ties

The visit to France underscores the growing bilateral relations between India and France. Over recent years, these relations have witnessed significant progress across various sectors, including defense, trade, investment, and cultural exchanges. This visit presents a valuable opportunity for both countries to further deepen their ties and explore avenues for enhanced collaborations and partnerships.

Focus on Defense and Security Cooperation

Defense and security cooperation are expected to be key areas of discussion during Prime Minister Modi’s visit to France. Both countries have been actively engaged in defense collaborations, including joint exercises, defense equipment procurement, and technology transfer. The visit will likely witness significant deliberations on strengthening these defense ties and exploring avenues for future cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

Addressing Climate Change Challenges

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to France also presents an opportunity for him to discuss climate change concerns and initiatives. Both India and France are committed to combating climate change and have been actively partnering in various global platforms and initiatives. Discussions during this visit can provide a platform for sharing best practices, exchanging knowledge, and exploring innovative solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change.

Emphasizing Economic Cooperation and Trade

Strengthening economic cooperation and trade ties between India and France will also be a critical aspect of Prime Minister Modi’s visit. Both countries have been important trading partners, with significant trade volumes across various sectors. This visit presents an opportunity to explore new avenues for trade and investment, identify potential areas of collaboration, and remove any existing barriers that may hinder bilateral economic growth.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visits to France and UAE hold great promise in strengthening international partnerships, expanding economic ties, and promoting cooperation across various sectors. Through these engagements, India aims to enhance its diplomatic relations, showcase its potential as a global leader, and contribute to the global agenda of peace, stability, and sustainable development.


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