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Top men's fashion brands to watch in 2023.

Top men’s fashion brands to watch in 2023.

Choosing the Perfect Fashion Brands for Menswear

Choosing the perfect fashion brands for menswear is a hectic task, indeed. No two men are the same, and so is their styling penchant. Finding an ideal fashion brand requires several considerations before entering a fashion store.

The combination of tee shirt and jeans does not work anymore as the flock of designers with their creativity and craftsmanship changes the definition of men’s fashion wears nowadays. Floral or polka prints replace the old dull stripes or color blocks concept—unisex fashion sways on men’s fashion brands.

Luxury Brands and More

Luxury brands like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc, have specified a particular group. In contrast, several other fashion brands make outfits for various communities based on their lifestyle, aesthetics, and budget.

Here are five such fashion brands which are different from each other and share different philosophies and creativities.

Fashion Brands Adopt Feminine Colors and Patterns on Menswear

1) Daily Essentials: Everlane

Everlane is a San Francisco-based fashion brand that started its journey in 2010. This brand makes day-to-day essentials at affordable prices. Whether a Chino blazer or a V-neck tie, the brand has many designs and colors to cater to different groups.

The reason for picking up this brand is its high-quality material and strategy. Michael Preysman, the CEO and the founder of Everlane, believes that transparency creates more customer retention, which reflects in their cost transparency model.

Also, being one of the members of the sustainable fashion community, Everlane uses eco-friendly materials, organic cotton, and LDPE plastics for packaging. People can choose this brand for a great polo or Linen shirt as daily wear.

2) Cult Classics with a Modern Twist: Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch began its journey in 2007 with Mike Maher and some friends in San Francisco. Focusing on menswear only, this brand is famous for its Fillmore crew neck and chore pants.

Taking inspiration from traditional wear, Taylor Stitch established itself as the digital-first clothing brand. The very straightforward and eco-friendly Taylor Stitch is for those men who love hardcore masculinity in a rugged silhouette.

With Taylor Stitch’s material-choosing concept, sustainable fashion takes a step forward, as 85% of their apparel comes from worn clothes or reusable materials. However, the price is not so frugal, but they are worth it when it comes to the durabilities.

3) Inspiration into Fashion Brands: Rhone

When discussing the fashion brands for activewear, Rhone must take the top position. Believing in rugged masculinity, this Boston-based brand came to the men’s fashion world with Nate Checketts, Carras Holmstead, and Kyle McClure.

The brand has a unique voice that reflects on its apparel. Putting inspirational quotes on their social media and producing activewear for those groups of men who build themselves with blood and sweat, Rhone established itself as the brand to absorb perspiration.

The brand’s best-selling products are the shorts sleeve tees, element tees, commuter pants, and notch tee shirts. They use breathable fabrics that lock the sweat during heavy workouts and decent commuter pants for office goers.

4) The Trendsetter: Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the oldest fashion brands, as it started its journey in 1970. The founder, Paul exhibited his designs with his wife from a tiny shop in Nottingham, English, and now the brand is flared in 70 countries with 200 stores.

The brand is unique in its color experiments as Paul believes in adopting different patterns and colors on the fabrics for menswear. When their floral prints covet the feminine fashion in the male wardrobe, their ‘London’ collection symbolizes sophistication.

The brand is costly as one can get authentic craftsmanship, but their last longing promises match their products.

5) The Problem Solver: Bonobos

By Andy Dunn, Bonobos started producing men’s fashion in 2007. The brand is mainly known for its excellent fitting and discarding bulginess caused by extra clothing.

Most people feel extra heavy clothing around the hip areas in their cotton pants, which causes a ‘Diaper butt.’ Focusing on the problem, Dunn determines the serious fitting in his each chinos or other pants.

Also, the brand employs the ‘guide shop’ section where people can get suggestions according to their shapes and sizes. Bonobos brings four custom sizes – regular fit, slim fit, athletic fit, and tailor fit, from where customers can opt for the best fit. Moreover, its affordability is another excuse to jump into the Bonobos store.

In the men’s fashion world, innovation and transformation come about through fashion brands. However, no matter what fashion brands they choose, having a clean appearance and investment in sober accessories enhances the outfit’s worth.


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