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Top fashion trends for fall · The Badger Herald

Top fashion trends for fall · The Badger Herald

Brainstorming a First-Day-of-School Outfit

Brainstorming a first-day-of-school outfit isn’t just for high schoolers. Regardless of how many semesters you have under your belt, all students can benefit from preparing for the busy months ahead. Feel extra confident about what you’re wearing by reading up on these seven styles that will surely be all over the University of Wisconsin campus this fall.

“Princess Diana” Style

Fall is the perfect time to look to Princess Diana’s iconic style guide from the 90s. This look is for days with a high of precisely 60 degrees — they are scarce, so use them wisely. Diana’s look consists of a simple pair of biker shorts, a comfy pair of tennis shoes (slouch socks optional) and an oversized crewneck sweatshirt. This formula never fails to satisfy the desire to look presentable and classy on campus while also staying cozy. It won’t be an unbearable outfit to put on when you have an 8 a.m. class and all you want to do is stay in your pajamas. It’s a perfect way to put all your Badger crewnecks to use. This look can be accentuated with a pair of sunglasses, chunky earrings, a purse and (if you have time for a Peet’s run) an iced coffee.

Leather Jackets

In case you missed it, leather jackets are back. Perfect for fall, they add a slight extra layer of warmth while giving a basic outfit that extra boost of fashion, making any look seem purposeful and chic. According to Elle magazine, leather jackets are coming back oversized in 2023. While leather jackets can be pricey, it’s not uncommon to find them more affordably (and sustainably) in a thrift store. Since leather jackets were huge in the 90s, there’s also a chance that your mom has a true vintage piece in the back of her closet.

Fall Colors

Fall 2023 is welcoming some fresh colors to the table. Editorialist magazine forecasts which hues will be most prominent this autumn. Get excited, Badgers, because one of the most upcoming colors of this fall is scarlet red. Don’t be shy when stocking up on those bright red UW t-shirts and sweatshirts, since not only will you be sporting school spirit, you will be in style. Another color that we should prepare to see emerging this fall is butter-yellow. This color has a soft, glowy look and will make any dress or blouse look dainty. We should also prepare to see a classic chocolate brown. This darker shade signals the change in seasons and compliments the natural colors of fall.

Always-In Staples

Trends come and go, but there are some pieces that should always be in your closet in the fall. It may be tempting to put away your shorts and tank tops and dive right into sweater weather, but Madison fall tends to stay hot. Cool clothes in classic fall colors are your best friend — tank tops in shades of brown, purple, and deep reds and oranges can help you stay seasonal while considering the weather. Flannels are versatile and perfect for early fall weather. Straight-leg jeans can be worn with almost any shoe and are a basic and timeless staple. When the weather finally starts to cool down, sweaters are another fall favorite — whether cable-knit or argyle, these sweaters can help give you a stylish vintage look while staying cozy. These staples are sure to help you embrace autumn and get you ready to go apple picking, pumpkin patching and curled up with a steaming mug of cider.

Denim Maxi Skirts

While denim mini skirts have been everywhere for the past few years, their longer counterparts have made a huge comeback in 2023. Denim maxi skirts promise themselves to be a staple for looking cute while keeping your legs covered up as the weather starts to cool off this fall. Simple yet sophisticated, this piece can be dressed up with boots and a button-down top or worn with a t-shirt and sneakers for a more casual look. It also comes in a variety of styles, so those who prefer to stick to a certain aesthetic won’t have to stray from it to hop on this trend. For a Y2K going-out look, try a denim maxi with patchwork seams or lace-up detailing and a pair of funky platform sandals.

Crochet Bags

Looking for something to help you carry everything you need around campus that isn’t a boring old backpack? A quirky crochet tote is practical while adding a splash of playfulness to your look. These pieces can be purchased from fashion giants like Target and Urban Outfitters, but can also be handmade with yarn and an inexpensive crochet kit from a craft store. More than just a way to create unique accessories, therapeutic hobbies like crocheting are healthy distractions from the stress of schoolwork and other responsibilities. Pick up a new bag in your favorite shade or pattern while — if you’re up for it — learning a new skill this fall.

Suit Vests

The iconic button-down vest is loosening its ties with menswear and workwear and becoming a distinctly unisex, versatile staple. A trending substitute for more basic sleeveless tops, these vests can be worn on their own or under a jacket or cardigan as inconsistent temperatures arrive with the fall season. Go with a denim version for a more contemporary feel — and wear it with your favorite pair of jeans for an extra bold look. And when matched with dress pants or slacks, details like pinstripes or a statement collar can give the suit vest a really high-end pop.


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