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Top 10 job search strategies of the year

Top 10 Job Search Strategies of the Year to Find Your New Dream Job

Looking for a new job could prove itself to be quite daunting, indeed. However, by using some simple yet effective strategies, your job search will be more focused and productive, bringing you closer to landing your dream position! Below are the top 10 job search strategies of the year for the modern job seeker!

1. Create a strong resume and cover letter

When submitting any job application, it is crucial to start with a powerful resume and cover letter. Use clear language, highlight your unique achievements and convey your enthusiasm for the desired employment opportunity.

2. Tap into your network

Leverage social media connections, attend professional networking events and tap into any alumni associations you’re involved in to open the door to further job prospects.

3. Use online job boards and customized job alerts

Apply to jobs that fit with your career goals through popular employment-driven sites including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and Monster. Set customized alerts, including key job search criteria, so that you don’t miss out on any job postings.

4. Attend career fairs

Many departments of government agencies and multinational corporations participate in specialized job fairs that provide invaluable job hunt opportunities. Arm yourself with copies of your resume and attend any events where prospective employers meet job seekers.

5. Partner with a staffing agency

Staffing agencies work hand-in-hand with candidates to fulfill company needs, and can offer you expert advice in the industry you want to work in as you search for the right job.

6. Obtain Additional Credentials/Training via E-Learning

Companies search for well-rounded employees that bring diverse skillsets and a history of training. Taking advantage of e-learning platforms and other webcast certificate programs will help you become a better candidate in your respective job market.

7. Attend workshops and other work-related events

By attending job-related workshops and seminars in-person, you’ll interact with peers and industry professionals that can advocate for you during job interviews/skills tests; you might even learn skills that open other job fields in which you excel!

8. Make use of your public library

Grab the many free resources your trusted public library offers, including books on job hunting and access to paid job search services. Some libraries have even promised to offer premium knowledge resources such as Linkedin premium free of charge.

9. Prepare for interview success

Preparation is critical to completing a successful interview. Researching the company, preparing open-ended feedback questions, practicing necessary soft skills with friends/family who will conduct mock interviews and polishing your CV helped candidates avoid anxiety during interviews and increase their chances of success.

10. Stay persistent and positive

Persistence and optimism are key on the job hunt journey. It’s important to stay persistent, keep your head up, keep your circles entertained for help and don’t give up even when the search seems unrelenting.

All told, a definitive plan can yield career results in the most way inconceivable, so as you start your career search journey this year, take advantage of our top 10 job search strategies tips and keep the faith that your successful career may yet come your way. Best wishes, happy job hunting!

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