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The Best 30 Conspiracy Theories We Can’t Ignore

The Best 30 Conspiracy Theories We Can’t Ignore


Conspiracy theories have become an integral part of our culture. They inspire our curiosity, fuel our imaginations, and open up endless avenues for investigation. While many conspiracy theories are wild, outlandish and simply designed to stoke anxiety, there are a few that cut close to the bone. Here are the 30 conspiracy theories we can’t ignore.

#1. The moon landing was a hoax

The belief that the moon landing never happened is one of the most prevalent conspiracy theories of all time. Sceptics argue that a great portion of the evidence, including video footage and spaceship technology, was fabricated.

#2. Aliens built the pyramids

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the pyramids were constructed with the help of extraterrestrial beings.

#3. Humans have never gone beyond low Earth orbit

Many conspiracy theorists claim that manned space travel beyond low Earth orbit is impossible due to radiation, oxygen, temperature change or space collisions.

#4. The Illuminati control the world

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is that the world is controlled by the Illuminati, a secretive and exclusive society that wields great influence over global politics and economies.

#5. Many UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin

The belief that there have been countless UFO sightings that can’t be adequately explained and that this is evidence of extraterrestrial life is becoming increasingly mainstream.

#6. Your phone is always listening to you

Many people believe that technology devices like phones and computers are being used to transmit data about them to corporations and/or governments.

#7. Big Foot exists

While there have been enough documented occurrences, sightings and personal accounts of the Big Foot or Sasquatch, scientific experts consider the idea to be a mere myth until conclusive evidence proves it is true.

#8. Climate change is not real

Many of conspiracy theorists argue that the science around climate change is nothing but political propaganda as climate change isn’t actually occurring everywhere.

#9. The JFK assassination was a conspiracy

The assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 left many feeling uneasy and curious, especially with speculations and murky details floating around about deeper involvements behind the murders.

#10. Authorities are covering up the existence of chemtrails

Some allegations state that chemical trails left behind aircraft are being intentionally sprayed on populations as part of a sinister government research program to manipulate the climate or break paths for eventual seeding to reduce human population numbers before driving them towards the path of extinction.

#11. The Titanic disaster was deliberate

One unsubstantiated theory surrounding the sinking of the Titanic allude to the ship carrying important people of influence and positions in the society who perished because someone arranged on this demise by systematically jamming door locks and destroying equipment controls.

#12. Area 51 hides evidence of extraterrestrial activity

Area51 is a popular clandestine property believed by conspiracy theorists to cover up evidence of proof of life beyond earth and sightings of military minds working on other new project.

#13. Celebrities are part of a illuminati- run cult of fame

Belief has strongly evolved around alleged matters about several celebrities such as being part of some elite group and having considerable strings pulled and being behind acclaimed stories of bizarre cult rituals and raising hypotheses that they are attempting to control society.

#14. The government is controlling your mind through your phone screen

The supercomputer underlying Google and Android has gradually made notable advances since they gain a decent amount of recognition globally, hoarding personal data and spying and have powerful impacts similar to what being hypnotized feel like.

#15. There are magic healing crystals with incredible powers

Controversially, there is even an industry of healers, practicers of yoga or meditation techniques that believes in the magical healing capabilities of crystals which allegedly purify negativity in environment and work into the mysterious energy already implanted into humans

#16. Pearl Harbor was not surprise attack

While many Americans believe President Roosevelt was kept as much in the dark about knowledge of advancing treasonous enemy outrage taking turns around Hawaii, some evidence strengthens speulationshow provisoin of overseas documents revealing intial speculation of speculations(???).

#17. The CIA played a key role in creating the Crack Epidemic of the 1980s

Some conspiracists project legions of ‘black people’ unfathomably rose to hellish levels of intoxication and drug use in American inner cities all thanks to the works of men who orchestrated the spread of opioids and other hard drugs: the CIA.

#18. Shakespeare was not an author

Some conspiracy theory surrounding the authorship of the great classics of universal literature by great cultural symbol – William Shakespeare birthed a secret whether his establishment emerged from being lord or relative among his days.

#19. JFK: Back and to the left

Some individuals aren’t convinced that the unfortunate accident—really death—of President John F. Kennedy was just another unfateful coin of events over the site the deadly episode provokes counter-allegations concerning shady operations ongoing behind deep cover.

#20. The Government is spying on you with satellites

Satellite photography isn’t just an aspect reserved for secret military uses or expensive publicly-funded endeavors like NASA but also can be used as spy technology operated by quite many government outfits leaked into various official layers of regular life, quick means of monitoring open-source intelligence from individuals and certain atmospheres.

#21. Oliver Stone’s love letter to the President

Directed by reputed filmmaker Oliver attended by strong backing, possibly media-inspired desire became achievement exposing possible views assumed towards key pass aside, lurking in them shades political shyness.

#22. Why NASA fakes all their photos and videos

Accustomed Space agency videos and probably fascinating and awe-inspiring gigantic images captured surface shots of galaxies, rovers rolling around mars-like landscape whose proofs leaves everything more to astonish one but there’s that minor exaggeration of it being just visual effects.

#23. Breast cancer is intentionally misdiagnosed

Breast cancer diagnosis is always carried out through pathology test, research stating typical misdiagnosis of ‘undiagnosed breast cancers’ turns out to be entirely small and can’t officially be confirmed.

#24. The government is manipulating the stock market

Contrary to believed states of profit looking to bounce back generally affects recovery systems rather causing fluctuations, behind these operational deeds steers the U.S Government and certain large organizations for their self-gain and management.

#25. The 1969 Woodstock concert is a ritual held under an unholy pastime

The prominent musicians led on stage embargos for cultural perversion, rebellion regarded to have contributed to this unconformity within society; which led the US government and so the Billions of deep state consumer industries involved to tag in the political plans just to ignite society in ferocious wars often runaway peaceful means of cultivating a peaceful society.

#26. Nessie: fact or fiction?

Whether or not you choose to believe in the existence of the Loch Ness monster comes down to one questionable evidence compiled legends and true traditional stories of locals claims which strengthen conservation viewpoints getting threatened in some newly unfavorable review analyses.

#27. Advertising hypnotizes you

Potentially a side effect of capitalist society, pretty much everything suggests that advertisements create illusions in the minds majorly targeting core subjects using self-hypnosis techniques, friendly conversations and mirror repetition under the spectrum of subliminal purview lure unsuspecting customers into deep addiction.

#28. 9/11 was an inside job

There have been no shortage of official version seeking events that happened amid The Twin Towers those buildings that collapsed, spread talks having much to do with certain powers or people aware of an intial attacks on city; orchestrated by certain US Government entities looking to secure Middle Eastern resources.

#29. Mozart’s secret masterpiece

Phase objects embedded within sung or often the slightest figurative lyric messages, enjoyably recognizable classical tunes inside urban other recognized notes of well-believed secret centuries created engenders in the commercial world (public figures and institutions), schemes bent destruction, and progressive theories hooked-on by great people patriots become the home brews governing manifestos behind countries.

#30. Subliminal force multiplex

Sometimes people think what they want and just repeat phases over or feel themselves lost in several parallel talkings. Some people even say each phrases have soul and a repetitively convenient, particularly undivided recognition amongst itinerant life without notice blindly wandering through crafted illusions probably when sleeping mostly they experience these delusions on screen but dismissed as fabrications without acknowledging sub—liminal consensus trained to stay deprived.


While conspiracy theories are often criticized and debunked, they nonetheless continue to fascinate and entertain us. These 30 theories represent some of the strangest and most notable uncovered stories that exist today. Agree or not, these revelations are available to feed and satiate intrigue often captivating audiences beyond expectation.

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