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Stressed? Anxious? Here’s What to Do

Stressed? Anxious? Here’s What to Do

Take a Deep Breath

When stress and anxiety are overwhelming, stop what you are doing, and take several deep breaths. Inhale deeply, hold the air for a few seconds, and release it slowly. This breathing technique will help you relax and slow down your racing thoughts.

Write it Down

Putting the thoughts that cause you stress or anxiety onto paper can lessen their power. Writing about what is causing worry can provide clarity about your situation and may help spark new ideas or resolutions.

Treat Yourself

In a world where smartphones and computers rule our lives, taking a break to engage in activities you enjoy is essential for mental health. Do something for YOU, something that makes YOU feel good or relaxed, like a massage, your favorite coffee drink, or treating yourself to an indulgent dessert.

Utilize Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditating or repeating mindful affirmations like, “I am in the present, I am aware, I am strong” redirects the mind and helps ease thoughts of worry. Mindful practices can reduce stress, and boost mood.

Get Moving

Exercise can improve overall mood, energy levels and reduce stress. It can be indoor-walking, carrying out simple yoga poses, strength training or cardio. Socialization or spending time around pets could provide additional benefits.

Be Patient with Yourself

Changing emotional patterns, curbing stress and anxiety takes time but it’s doable. Take time each day using the points indicated, remain consistent and you’ll learn to manage anxiety and stress effectively and find joy.

Life occurs through a full spectrum of good times, and not-so-good times. At each step, managing stressful situations successfully is key to mental wellness – you have what it takes to rise above it all. Try out some of these tips, and put yourself in charge of your well-being today.

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