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Tanker truck overturns, ignites on US 75 in Plano.

Tanker truck overturns, ignites on US 75 in Plano.

Plano Tanker Truck Fire Blocks Traffic on US 75

A tanker truck has caught on fire, resulting in the closure of northbound traffic on US 75 near Parker Road in Plano, Texas. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning and is expected to cause several hours of delays. However, southbound lanes will remain open.

Plano Fire-Rescue promptly responded to the scene at around 5:15 a.m., where they discovered the fuel truck on its side, engulfed in flames.

Injuries Reported, Good Samaritan Saves Truck Driver

According to TxDOT, the tanker overturned during the accident, causing a flammable liquid it was carrying to ignite. The crash involved two vehicles and another 18-wheeler. Two individuals have been transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, as confirmed by Michael Carr from Plano fire. The identities and current conditions of the injured parties are unknown. Plano Police Department PIO Andrae Smith praised a Good Samaritan who aided in rescuing the trapped tanker truck driver from the cab, ultimately saving his life.

Fire Suppression Approach, Potential Long-Term Impact

To prevent fuel contamination in surrounding areas, Plano Fire-Rescue has decided not to extinguish the fire with water but instead let it burn out naturally. According to Carr, this strategy ensures that fuel does not enter the grass or sewage. He also emphasized that the duration of the incident is expected to be significant, causing inconvenience to commuters for an extended period.

Hazmat Crews Monitor Fire, No Public Threat

Hazardous materials (Hazmat) teams are actively monitoring the fire. Carr reassured the public that the fire does not pose a threat to their safety, and nearby residents need not be concerned about the smoke.

Alternative Routes

Drivers traveling on US 75 can choose to exit at Arapaho Road, Campbell Road, or Renner Road. From there, they can proceed east to Plano Road north, which runs parallel to US 75.


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