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Taiwan's Government broadens Culture Points eligibility.

Taiwan’s Government broadens Culture Points eligibility.

Expansion of Culture Points Eligibility

Residents in Taiwan who will be between 16 to 22 years old next year will now have the opportunity to claim NT$1,200 (US$38.29) cash handouts, known as Culture Points, according to Premier Chen Chien-jen.

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) has proposed to expand the eligibility rules for Culture Points, which were previously only available to those aged 18-21. The expansion will include individuals who are 16-17 and 22 years old in 2024.

Purpose of Culture Points

The Culture Points program, which can be claimed digitally through an MOC app, was launched in early June with the aim of encouraging more young adults to engage in cultural activities. The program also seeks to support the cultural and creative sectors in Taiwan, which have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Premier Chen expressed his anticipation of seeing more young people visit cultural sites and showing support for Taiwanese movies at theaters.

Increased Number of Eligible Recipients

The expansion of the Culture Points program will result in an increase in the number of eligible recipients from the current 1 million to 1.5 million next year, as stated by the MOC. However, the ministry did not disclose the budget allocated for the expanded program in 2024.

Minister of Culture Shih Che expressed his hope that the Culture Points handouts will eventually be issued annually, enabling greater access to culture for young people.

Utilizing Culture Points

Since its launch, more than 668,000 people born after August 31, 2001, and before January 1, 2006, who possess Republic of China citizenship, an Alien Resident Certificate, or an Alien Permanent Resident Certificate have claimed the Culture Points handouts.

Each Culture Point is equivalent to NT$1 and can be utilized at designated independent bookstores, record stores, music stores, live music events and venues, cultural parks, bazaars, and Taiwanese film screenings.

(By Teng Pei-ju)



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