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Taiwan FM: China's exercises imply war readiness.

Taiwan FM: China’s exercises imply war readiness.

China Simulates “Joint Precision Strikes” on Taiwan During Military Exercises

In a CNN interview, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu condemned China’s military exercises and warned of their potential to launch a war against Taiwan. The military exercises, including strikes by aircraft carrier-based warplanes, marked the first time China has simulated such an attack on Taiwan. Wu expressed confidence in Taiwanese preparations and stated that Taiwan condemns China’s military threat.

China’s Claims and Recent Developments

China’s Communist Party claims Taiwan as its territory and has made clear ambitions to “reunify” with the island. The situation has worsened with the US and China’s increasing tensions over Taiwan, though both countries adhere to the policy of “one China.”

US Response and Obligations

President Joe Biden has stated that the US would defend Taiwan militarily in the event of a Chinese attack. Under the Taiwan Relations Act, the US is legally obligated to provide Taiwan with defensive weaponry. Taiwanese foreign minister Joseph Wu noted that the US seems more determined than ever to create a situation where China would know that a military attack against Taiwan would come at a heavy cost.

French President’s Visit and Chinese Response

China’s military exercises coincided with French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Beijing. Macron’s comments appeared to question whether France should get involved in the Taiwan crisis, but French officials later clarified his statements were misinterpreted. Taiwan has since asked France for clarification on this matter.


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