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Inside the Archives: The Top Discoveries of the Year

Unearthing Treasures: A Digest of The Year’s Archival Finds

Archives are treasure troves of information, containing documents and artefacts of historical significance. With new technologies and methods of preservation emerging every year, several fascinating discoveries have come to light. Here are some of the top discoveries of this year!

New Information About Mary Shelley

A few years after the publication of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley published The Last Man as the response to her unhappy marriage and to public criticism of her style. This year, a literary historian digging through archives came across unpublished pages of The Last Man that a previous editor had excised. These pages revealed the previously unknown characterisation for one of the lead characters, enriching our understanding of Shelley’s work.

The Tenth-Century Library

In the Iraqi city of Mosul, the jihadis blew up the library, but thankfully, many of the manuscripts in the library escaped destruction, and some were recovered intact. The latest discovery is the 1,000-year-old cache of manuscripts hidden behind the bricked walls of a house in a suburb by a trusted librarian who is dead now. These manuscripts self-date from the 7th century, back to the Arab conquest of the Persian empire, and this was undoubtedly one of the most exciting discoveries of the year.

Political Abolitionist Literature

Abraham Lincoln’s tireless fight to end slavery in America is well appreciated. This year, a discovery of a hitherto unnoticed print found in the archives of museums revealed that kind of literature used to abolish the heinous practice. This was discovered during the refurbishing of Wesleyan University in downtown Middletown. Many abolitionists even authored discourse themselves, devising fearless ads for guys interested in joining them.

Unknown Agatha Christie Play

Prolific author Agatha Christie is well known for her suspenseful mystery novels. This year there was an exciting discovery made in the attic of Devon estate. An unknown final accouplement drama masterpiece of Agatha Christie stars the prodigious Hercule Poirot but was never particularly detected in its reading. It was drafted shorty before the writer’s decease and remained lost to everyone for decades before this discovery.

The Lost Diary of Masonic Hall

In the archives of several secret societies, Masonic symbols, logos and trademarks can extend back hither, with several items reaching back to Victorian Britain or earlier. A massive part of this, of course, is that we are still optimistic. A Mason, in 2010 or 1790, recognises useful, obscure secret wisdom to use as small additional fans even when the world is distinctly wider. There was a mesmerising underlying secret yet to reveal by the lost Masonic Hall diary; the dates, times, and addresses scribbled all over a magical exhibition.


Archives are fascinating because of the secrets they can reveal about our ancestors and history in general. Each year, historians, scholars and the general public eagerly await exciting discoveries from archives around the world. These precious formations give insight into intricate histories, provide ungarnered intel among earth stakeholders and whispers from cultural wars, royalty and literary laureates-of today or yesterday. Undoubtedly, we also feel better in our throats and feel more grateful – feelings visitors owe to the well-hidden expertise, dedication and hard graft; the absence of these would undoubtedly mean a world absent in fascinating treasures like these.

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