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Roller coaster closure after beam cracks viral.

Roller coaster closure after beam cracks viral.

Report: Roller coaster from viral video of cracked beam shuts down … – WKRC TV Cincinnati

Report: Roller coaster from viral video of cracked beam shuts down …


A roller coaster that gained attention from a viral video showing a cracked beam has been temporarily shut down for inspection. The incident occurred at an amusement park, and concerns about safety prompted the closure.

Cracked Beam Video Goes Viral

The roller coaster came under scrutiny after a video of a cracked beam went viral on social media. The video, captured by a park visitor, showed a significant crack in one of the beams supporting the ride’s structure.

Closure for Safety Inspection

In response to the public outcry and growing concerns, park officials decided to temporarily shut down the roller coaster for a thorough safety inspection. This measure aims to ensure the structural integrity of the ride and the safety of its passengers.

Park Authorities and Engineers Respond

Park authorities have reached out to engineers specializing in roller coaster construction to evaluate the extent of the damage caused by the cracked beam. These experts will conduct a detailed assessment and provide recommendations for necessary repairs.

Impact on Visitors and Park Operations

The closure of the roller coaster due to safety concerns has undoubtedly disappointed visitors who were hoping to experience the thrill of the ride. However, their safety remains the top priority of the amusement park, and this temporary closure aims to prevent any potential accidents.

Expected Reopening Date

The amusement park has assured the public that they are working diligently to rectify the issue and expedite the repairs. While an exact date for the roller coaster’s reopening has not been announced, the park intends to reopen the ride as soon as possible following the necessary repairs and subsequent safety inspections.


The roller coaster closure, prompted by the viral video displaying a cracked beam, emphasizes the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of amusement park rides. By prioritizing safety, the park authorities are taking necessary measures to address the structural concerns and ensure a safe experience for all visitors.



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