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Preparing for Children's Educational Future

Preparing for Children’s Educational Future

Heading Back to School: Planning for a Child’s Educational Future

As students head back to school, it’s important to think about and plan for the educational future of a child in your life.

Matching Grants for 529 Accounts in Kansas

The State of Kansas provides a fantastic opportunity for families with household incomes less than 200% of the current federal poverty level. They offer matching grants of up to $600 per year for contributions to a 529 account.

This initiative aims to ensure that all children, regardless of financial circumstances, have access to a college education. Kansas is committed to supporting families who may not be able to afford higher education expenses by matching up to $600 of contributions into a Learning Quest account for eligible families.

Investing From Birth: Kansas Contribution to Your Child’s Education

If you start investing in a 529 account right from your child’s birth, the State of Kansas will contribute over $10,000 towards their education. This generous contribution will greatly support their future academic pursuits.

Furthermore, your investments in the 529 account will be managed with the assistance of American Century Investments, ensuring proper management and growth of the funds.

Back to School Giveaway: Chance to Win a 529 Account

The Kansas State Treasurer’s Office is excited to announce a Back to School giveaway. They are offering three accounts worth $529 each to lucky participants.

To enter this giveaway, simply click on the following link before August 16th: Click here to enter.


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