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New TV network streams live animal trial coverage.

New TV network streams live animal trial coverage.

UnchainedTV Launches Live Trial Coverage for Animal Rights Cases

UnchainedTV, an animal rights TV news network, has announced the launch of its live trial coverage featuring expert panels. The network aims to provide the public with news that they cannot find on mainstream TV.

Founder Jane Velez-Mitchell, a former employee of Court TV and HLN, will host the live trial coverage, which will focus on cases involving animals trapped in factory farming systems and people trying to save them.

UnchainedTV’s Coverage of Alexandra Paul’s Trial

Recently, UnchainedTV ran daily coverage of the trial of actress Alexandra Paul and her co-defendant Alicia Santurio, who were jointly facing charges of theft. They were caught removing two chickens from a slaughter truck in California, and the prosecutor sought a six-month jail term for both women.

Despite the charges, a jury returned a verdict of not guilty after their defense attorney argued that the chickens were sick and held no value to the company. UnchainedTV’s coverage of the case drew an audience of 55,423 viewers across all platforms, including the streaming network itself, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

UnchainedTV’s Mission for Animal Rights

UnchainedTV believes that animals should not be treated as property and should be protected by the law, given they are sentient beings. As such, the network also covered the trial of activist and defense attorney Wayne Hsiung, who was recently acquitted of taking two sick piglets from a Utah factory farm.

The network stated that it aimed to shine a light on issues related to industrialized animal agriculture, which affects food safety, climate change, drought, pollution, human health, habitat destruction, wildlife extinction, and more.

UnchainedTV aims to fill the gap that mainstream media leaves, and its coverage brings up a necessary conversation that needs more attention in society.


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