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New growth solution tailored for small home health & hospice organizations launched by Trella Health.

New growth solution tailored for small home health & hospice organizations launched by Trella Health.

Small Home Health and Hospice Organizations Can Now Compete Like an Enterprise

Small home health and hospice organizations will now have access to AI-powered lead recommendations and growth expertise to help them compete like an enterprise.  

Trella Health Launches Sprout, a New Product for Small Providers

ATLANTA, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trella Health, the leading provider of market intelligence and integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to the post-acute care industry, announces the launch of its new product, Sprout, for small home health and hospice providers. The solution enables small organizations to compete like an enterprise through artificial intelligence-powered referral source recommendations handpicked for their business and a dedicated analyst.

Simplified Market Intelligence for Small Post-Acute Businesses

“We are thrilled to deliver a simplified market intelligence solution designed for small post-acute businesses,” stated Jess Chew, VP of Marketing at Trella Health. “At Trella, we believe that when healthcare organizations compete for patients based on performance, it leads to healthier outcomes for everyone. This type of data-driven sales and marketing approach has been out of reach for most smaller organizations because of cost and expertise – until now.”

Sprout: Empowering Smaller and Emerging Businesses

Sprout enables smaller and emerging businesses to start leveraging data to inform their growth. It includes AI-generated referral targets, compelling data points to stand out when meeting with referral targets, a recurring review of the market, and a dedicated Sprouts Analyst to guide the organization on their new data-driven sales and marketing journey.

“As a Trella customer and early adopter of Sprout, the automated delivery of referral recommendations with quick insights is valuable,” stated Austin Degenhardt, Director of Community Relations at Health Link Home Health Agency. “Sprout has also provided us with unique insights and taught us more about Trella.”

Ongoing Collaboration and Innovation

The Trella team has worked closely with customers to understand their business needs to develop an effective solution. The team will continue to collaborate with customers and innovate the Sprout solution with upcoming releases including additional targeting strategies and functionality.

Learn More About Sprout

For more information about Sprout – please click here 

About Trella Health

Trella Health’s unmatched market intelligence and purpose-built CRM allow post-acute providers and suppliers to drive more effective performance and growth. Trella’s solutions allow post-acute, HME, and infusion organizations to identify the highest-potential referral targets, evaluate new market opportunities, and monitor performance metrics. Paired with CRM and EHR integrations, business development teams can better manage referral relationships to advance their organizations with certainty by improving their sales and marketing strategy.

For more information on Trella Health and its post-acute growth solutions, visit, call 678-813-1590, or follow Trella on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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New growth solution tailored for small home health & hospice organizations launched by Trella Health.


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