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Nestlé introduces groundbreaking sugar-reducing technology.

Nestlé introduces groundbreaking sugar-reducing technology.

Nestlé Introduces New Sugar Reduction Technology

According to Rutgers University, the average American consumes three times the recommended amount of sugar suggested by the World Health Organization. To combat this issue, Nestlé has unveiled a “cost-effective sugar reduction technology” that aims to reduce the amount of sugar in their products. The company, known for producing sugary treats such as Tollhouse Cookies, believes that this new technology will help consumers cut down on their sugar intake.

New Method Piloted in Southeast Asia

Nestlé’s sugar reduction method was initially tested in cocoa and malt-based beverages in Southeast Asia. Since 2021, the technology has been used in 200,000 tons of products, and it has been introduced in various countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Beyond Sugar Reduction

The Switzerland-based company claims that their new sugar reduction technology can be applied to different product categories, providing benefits beyond just reducing sugar. It also applies to lactose, which is relevant considering that approximately 65% of the global population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy, according to the National Library of Medicine.

Minimal Impact on Taste and Texture

Nestlé’s patented sugar-reducing process is enzymatic and can reduce intrinsic sugar found in ingredients such as malt, milk, and fruit juices by up to 30%. The company assures that this reduction does not have a significant impact on taste and texture. The resulting reduced-sugar ingredients can then be used in various recipes and products.

No Need for Artificial Sweeteners

Nestlé emphasizes that their sugar reduction technology eliminates the need for added sweeteners or bulking agents to replace the volume of the removed sugar. Additionally, when applied to milk-based products, the method reportedly increases the presence of prebiotic fibers, which have been shown to support the growth of beneficial bacteria and promote a healthy microbiome composition in adults.

Nestlé’s Commitment to Sugar Reduction

Stefan Palzer, Nestlé’s Chief Technology Officer, has stated that sugar reduction is a top priority for the company. Nestlé aims to improve the overall nutritional quality of its products while addressing consumers’ growing concerns about excessive sugar consumption. The company plans to expedite the global rollout of their new sugar reduction technology across different formats and categories.

Implications and Future Potential

Nestlé’s innovative sugar reduction technology holds promise in addressing the global sugar overconsumption crisis. By offering reduced-sugar ingredients without compromising taste and texture, the company can play a significant role in promoting healthier food choices. As Nestlé continues to expand the application of this technology, it has the potential to positively impact consumers’ wellbeing worldwide.


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