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NCAA's aim: Strike Jim Harbaugh with vengeance.

NCAA’s aim: Strike Jim Harbaugh with vengeance.

Negotiated Resolution Breakdown

On Saturday, Yahoo Sports reported that a “negotiated resolution” between the NCAA and Jim Harbaugh had broken down.

Per the agreement, Harbaugh was going to be suspended for the first four games of Michigan’s 2023 season after the NCAA alleged he was not forthcoming with investigators when questioned about lesser violations.

Deal Rejection and Potential Hearing

The deal between Michigan/Harbaugh and the NCAA’s enforcement staff still needed approval from a three-person panel from the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions (COI). However, the panel declined to approve the agreement.

As a result, the case is likely headed to a full hearing, possibly in 2024. Unless Michigan imposes a suspension on Harbaugh, he is expected to coach the entire 2023 season.

Statements from Michigan, Harbaugh, and the NCAA

After the news broke, Michigan issued a statement stating that they are unable to comment as the case is ongoing. Harbaugh remained silent, and his attorney, Tom Mars, mentioned that they are not allowed to comment on possible penalties or other aspects of the matter.

Surprisingly, the NCAA made a statement in response, which caused quite a stir. Derrick Crawford, NCAA vice president, clarified that the Michigan infractions case involved impermissible recruiting and coaching activities during the COVID-19 dead period. He emphasized that the case was not about a cheeseburger, as some fans had claimed.

NCAA’s Unusual Statement

The NCAA statement raised eyebrows and was considered unprecedented. Despite the case being unresolved and no official Notice of Allegations being delivered, Crawford listed some of the allegations against Harbaugh as if they were facts.

This departure from the usual negotiated resolution process, where details are supposed to remain unknown until the hearing, indicated a potential violation of NCAA bylaws.

A Controversial Response

Crawford’s mention of the cheeseburger controversy aimed to refute the notion that the case was frivolous. He highlighted that the core of the case was Harbaugh’s alleged dishonesty during the investigation, which could result in a significant punishment.

Neither Harbaugh nor Michigan has publicly argued that the case was only about a cheeseburger, but the NCAA’s response seemed more focused on countering online criticism than ensuring a fair process.

Questioning the Fairness of the Process

The NCAA’s actions have raised doubts about the fairness of the process. While Harbaugh may have violated certain rules, it has not yet been proven. The NCAA’s controversial statement suggests a biased approach and indicates a possible lack of fairness in the outcome.


The case involving Jim Harbaugh and the NCAA has taken a significant turn with the breakdown of a negotiated resolution. The subsequent statement by the NCAA, while defending their case, has raised concerns about their impartiality. The situation has escalated beyond a cheeseburger controversy to potentially jeopardize Harbaugh’s coaching career.


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