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Sports destroying itself by excusing miscreants inexcusably.

Sports destroying itself by excusing miscreants inexcusably.

Sports World Destroying Itself by Excusing Miscreants

By Phil Mushnick | August 17, 2023 | 9:25pm

In 1940, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapsed in a spectacular fashion, just four months after its opening. Poor planning and construction led to its downfall, as it swayed and rolled until it snapped and fell into Puget Sound. Dubbed “Galloping Gertie” by construction workers, its instability was deemed inevitable. This bridge stands as a temporary monument to neglect and systemic failures. Similarly, the world of sports is heading towards a similar day of reckoning, with deconstructionists at the helm who are willing to compromise their values for a price.

This week, the Jets signed running back Dalvin Cook, a reprobate accused of domestic violence, to a one-year deal worth $8.6 million. Despite evidence against him, Cook maintains his innocence. The NFL, plagued by players brutalizing women, fails to address this persistent issue. Players like Cook, gambling, and a decline in the quality of play threaten to destroy the integrity of sports.

Court records reveal Cook’s attempts to buy his way out of the assault accusations made by his ex-girlfriend. His initial offers of $800,000 and $1 million were rejected. The NFL must confront and address its significant problem of players engaging in violence against women. The latest incident involves Panthers’ cornerback Chris Claybrooks, who was arrested for domestic assault against two different women. Even the Jets’ own Darron Lee, a first-round pick in 2016, faces separate domestic violence charges.

Jets’ owner Woody Johnson attempted to recruit Odell Beckham Jr., a known troublemaker, with flattery and disregard for the truth. Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has turned the league into a platform for social commentary, but it is the responsibility of the fans to improve their own conduct, tolerance, and respect for others.

It is concerning to witness prominent figures in the sports industry encourage gambling, which has led to an increase in misconduct among spectators, as well as professional and college athletes. CBS’s Jim Nantz, known for his reverential tone, promoted gambling on golf through the PGA’s partnership with FanDuel. Nantz is aware of the negative consequences of gambling, yet he contributes to further degradation of sports with this endorsement.

Universities such as West Virginia University prioritize funding their athletic programs over academic pursuits, resulting in the elimination of academic majors and faculty positions. WVU’s football and basketball programs receive excessive funding, while academic departments face budget deficits. The pursuit of victory at any cost taints the noble missions of these educational institutions. Moreover, these universities add to the arrest records of their full scholarship “student-athletes,” contributing to societal problems rather than progress.

Major League Baseball’s decline is evident, with excessive spending on players who neglect to give their best effort. Payrolls do not correlate with success on the field, as the teams with the highest payrolls have underperformed. The game itself has been compromised by diminishing skills, inadequate training, and reliance on analytics. A typical box score reveals the lack of proficiency among players, with numerous strikeouts and low batting averages.

The sports world is self-destructing, resembling the ill-fated Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Urgent action is needed to prevent the collapse of integrity and values. The negligence and complicity of various individuals, organizations, and fans are contributing to this impending disaster. It is time to reassess our priorities, hold individuals accountable for their actions, and safeguard the future of sports.

– New York Post


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