Saturday, May 25, 2024
Mike Haener & Marcus Dell’Artino: Dynamic duo of talent and creativity.

Mike Haener & Marcus Dell’Artino: Dynamic duo of talent and creativity.

Longest Legislative Session in Arizona History: Takeaways from Top Politicos

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – In the longest legislative session in Arizona history, Mike Haener and Marcus Dell’Artino, two of the state’s top politicos, share their insights on this week’s podcast episode. Colin and Dennis also discuss the controversial topic of who’s responsible for killing the Pac-12, with a surprising twist in their speculation. Find out all the details in this episode!

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Dawn Penich-Thacker & Paul Bentz: Discussing Arizona’s school voucher program and the politics surrounding it, Dawn Penich-Thacker and Paul Bentz, two experienced political professionals, provide valuable insights. They also shed light on the popularity of Gov. Hobbs, which may surprise some based on poll results.

Chad Campbell: Joining Politics Unplugged this week, Chad Campbell, the new Chief of Staff for Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, shares updates on recent actions and future plans.

Jessica Boehm: Axios’ ace reporter Jessica Boehm takes part in this week’s episode to discuss the challenges faced by Phoenix in terms of extreme heat and homelessness. Additionally, find out about a potential controversial candidate joining a key race in 2024. Plus, Dennis shares his experience as a newbie in the podcasting world.

Adrian Fontes: Secretary of State Adrian Fontes joins the podcast to discuss the January 6 investigation and various election-related issues. In addition, Dennis apologizes to Colin for his previous comments about Colin’s music taste.

Stephen Richer: Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer sits down with Dennis to talk about his defamation lawsuit against Kari Lake, the former Republican nominee for governor. They also discuss Richer’s political future and whether he will run for reelection or seek a different office.

Doug Ducey: In the debut episode of Politics Unplugged, Dennis Welch interviews former Gov. Doug Ducey. They delve into Ducey’s post-governor life, discussing his latest project, MAGA. The growth and expenses associated with Arizona’s school voucher program, a cause he strongly supported, are also addressed. Furthermore, Ducey reveals the untold story behind a notable phone call he received from the Trump White House during the certification of 2020 election results.


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