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Meticulous planning: Sleep experts and physical MOT.

Meticulous planning: Sleep experts and physical MOT.

Wrexham have recently wrapped up their summer tour in the United States, where they engaged in various activities aimed at improving their performance, including consultations with sleep experts and physical assessments. The trip was arranged by the club’s co-owners, Hollywood personalities Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. During their stay in the US, Wrexham faced several prominent teams, such as Chelsea, Manchester United, LA Galaxy II, and Philadelphia Union II. The Dragons achieved two wins, a draw, and a defeat in these friendly matches as they prepared for the upcoming 2023-24 campaign in League Two.

The process leading up to the American tour began in February-March, with Kevin Mulholland, Wrexham’s head of performance, medicine, and sports science, discussing various aspects of their preparation and execution during the trip. Mulholland emphasized the importance of nutrition, hydration, recovery, and the effects of flight times and hotel accommodations. Wrexham even sought the guidance of a sleep professional to develop effective sleeping strategies for the players, including sleep schedules on flights and duration. Mulholland stated that every possible measure was taken to support the players’ well-being and performance.

Throughout the tour, Wrexham covered around 13,000 miles and embarked on two long road trips, spanning from New York to Los Angeles, in their quest to ensure peak physical condition for their return to the Football League. The club has implemented significant changes in their pre and post-game routines, particularly in the medical field. Mulholland explained that they are now looking into various factors, such as mattresses, room settings, and air quality, as well as the impact of off-field activities before bedtimes. The aim is to provide a personalized approach for each player regarding jet lag and mental relaxation. While individual preferences are considered, the team will conduct a comprehensive assessment (“MOT”) for all players on Wednesday before their match against MK Dons. The ultimate goal is to have the entire team in optimum condition for the start of the League Two campaign.

Looking ahead, Wrexham, who dominated the National League last season, securing the title in a remarkable fashion, are scheduled to kick off their League Two season at home against MK Dons on August 5. The club is determined to leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of success, utilizing the lessons learned from their American adventure to make a strong start in the Football League.


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