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Indulge and Save the Planet: Top 10 Sustainable Food Options

Indulge and Save the Planet: Top 10 Sustainable Food Options

As responsible citizens, we all have the responsibility to promote sustainable food choices for a healthier planet. This might seem like a tricky feat, especially when we’re constantly surrounded by processed, unhealthy options. However, there is good news. We’ve poured through some of the most delicious, manageable and sustainable food options out there that are going to whet your palate and save the planet at the same time! Here are Top 10 Sustainable Food Options for you to indulge and save the planet:

1. Farm-to-Table Options

What sets farm-to-table options apart is their commitment to reducing food waste by sourcing fresh ingredients. Farmers get paid a fair-wage, supplying local! So visit your local farmers’ market or explore farm-to-table options available at restaurants.

2. Go Organic

Organic food promotes ecological balance by avoiding the use of hazardous chemicals. In this way, it supports biodiversity as well. By choosing products that are labeled organic, you can reduce your carbon footprint and promote our planet’s health.

3. Adopt Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays give you the chance of ditching meat for one day, reducing carbon footprint and conserving fresh water! So once a week, embrace being a “vegetarian” and have some fun with it. Try experimenting on a new favorite vegetarian recipe.

4. Catch of the Day

Fish populations, especially tuna, are at great risk due to the commercialization and overfishing. Going for an organic catfish or locally sourced trout reduces the impact of commercial fishing on our marine ecosystems.

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

You may be thinking — what about the carbon footprint of grocery bags and plastic containers? Going for bulk, unpackaged products shows off items which reduce waste generation. Bring your own containers or encourage a deposit option, and shopping becomes oh-so-sustainable!

6. Eat Seasonally, Eat Locally

A bonus of shopping local and seasonal produce benefits our planet by reducing the carbon footprint created when transporting ingredients. With shorter supply chains allowing farmers to transport with much fewer exhaust emissions.

7. Discover Ancient Grains

Incorporating quinoa, bulgur, kamut, freekeh amongst others, gets you excited about eating healthier than overused wheat or refined grains, plus less sweat goes into agricultural planting while achieving the gourmet farmer trend market!

8. Embrace Plant-Based Meals

An explosion of appealing plant-based product choices has pushed vegan alternatives on a pedestal; impacting their positive impact on the environment. So embrace your need for a vegetable overflow, and try one of Beyond Meat or Impossible out for more fantastic flavors.

9. Natural Sweeteners such as Honey

Naturopaths and organic sweeteners advocate the power of honey as creating fresh sustainable sweet flavoring, in contrast to high fructose corn syrup or processed sugar affiliated with gas emissions during manufacturing.

10. Hydroponic vegetables replenish well-being in urban living

Why need farmland? Soft soil greenhouse shelves can indisputably attest that modern trends that highlight the possibility and prices of hydroponic vegetables empower the locavore lifestyle, thereby keeping even our urban food possibilities truly fresh and enticing.


Keeping above sustainable food options refreshingly regular in your daily meals makes wholesome sense spiritually, releases boundless health benefits, and holds great momentum against climate change concerns. All while putting action behind powerful dreams of eco-aware visionaries who expand our most vivid and edible imaginings. Bon Appétit!

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