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global warming

How Global Warming is Changing the World

The Changing World: The effects of Global Warming

Global Warming is a reality that cannot be ignored. It is the gradual increase in average temperatures of the planet’s surface that is causing several changes in the environment. These changes are not something we would want to see. Global warming is threatening the future of living beings, and we must take actionable steps to curb this temperature increase.

Altering climates and rising sea levels

The most significant effect of global warming is altering the world’s climate balance. Changing weather patterns have caused more devastating natural disasters such as floods, heatwaves, hurricanes, and droughts. Different temperature measurements reveal that the planet’s surface temperatures are rising at twice their rate. The melting of ice caps has caused a rise in sea levels, and low-lying coastal regions risk being submerged by constantly rising ocean levels. These phenomena pose threats to coastal assets, irreplaceable cultural monuments, and economic opportunities.

Impact on human health and the environment

Global warming has not spared public health and open ecosystems. It has also changed the variety of flora and fauna put them at the risk of extinction. The irregular occurrence of droughts changes the pH level of soil and destroys agricultural output, putting underground tables in gradual depletion for farming families worldwide. Large numbers of species are endangered or at brink of extinction due to wildlife interference by people.

Untreated waste discharges heading toward water bodies, such as glaciers, and flushing of crops often results in water sources’ contamination. The constant floods causes contamination and spread of epidemic diseases in humanly altered areas.

Technological progress and environmental intervention

With the advancement of technology from year to year, people discover reliable and handier methods of re-establishing the environment equilibrium and reduce the effects of global warming. Complete elimination of fossil fuel use should be the complete alternative to drive the planet forward as traditional plant resources are non-renewable.

Renewable energy such as solar and wind assists in the reducing of carbon footprint of people with hydro-flaming systems, air and soil filtration plans, fish habitats and reducing wildlife interference with a more friendly industrial development.


Though the threats posed by global warming may already be happening, but at a varying rate around the world, it is still possible to hinder its continuation. Governments are making sure that conserved environment initiatives are put to action, the world at large should also play its party be circumspect about following the ABC approaches of protecting the planet- be mindful of recycling mindset which aims to support product renewal projects and sustain a cleaner environment.

All the more action needed from individuals, companies and and political entities with zero or reduced carbon footprint emissions are required to reduce among unknown gases emmited enchanging between low-lying countries.

It is a whole-day-of-life benefaction to handle by mitigating global warming now rather than to leave the earth’s problems for our off-springs to handle.

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