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Improvement culture starting from the bottom.

Improvement culture starting from the bottom.

The shift in employee-employer dynamics during the pandemic has resulted in a surge of resignations and a desire for meaningful improvements in the workplace. As the pandemic forced employees to re-evaluate their priorities and work-life balance, it became clear that many workers were undervalued by their organizations. With the power shifting to the people due to record-low unemployment rates, workers became more secure in their ability to find new employment opportunities.

While pay is important, it doesn’t give us purpose. Today’s employees are more aggressively prioritizing opportunities for personal and professional growth, seeking something more valuable than just a paycheck. Creating a culture of improvement at every level of the organization is crucial to empowering workers and fostering a sense of ownership in finding ways to get better.

Leadership needs to focus on involving employees in driving meaningful improvements in the workplace. The bottom-up approach ignites the improvement engine and gives us all a sense of ownership in finding ways to get better. When workers are emboldened to speak up and offer feedback and criticism without fear, it promotes employee engagement and motivation in ways that perks like kombucha on tap can’t top.

A culture of improvement creates a sense of ownership and accountability for the company’s collective success, increasing productivity, better overall performance, and staying ahead of the competition. Organizations that prioritize a culture of improvement are more likely to retain their employees.

Individual ownership is crucial in driving improvements, and people driving improvement don’t necessarily describe themselves that way. Companies should recognize the value of their “undercover” improvement specialists, celebrating the positive impact they make.

Improvement is not just a corporate buzzword, but an important component of organizational success. As leaders, we need to embrace improvement as a culture that involves everyone at every level. Failure to do so risks losing employees to companies that empower them beyond a paycheck.


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