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How to Outsmart the Paparazzi: Tips and Tricks

The Never-Ending Paparazzi Hunger

Being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks and benefits, but one of the downsides is having paparazzi all over you. These photographers seem to have a magnet that pulls them to every celebrity event or personal occasion. However, there are some tips and tricks to outsmart the paparazzi to have your privacy back.

Watch Your Surroundings

Paparazzi usually have predictable rhythms when it comes to where they will photograph celebrities. Knowing when and where they usually hang out, can help you plan your movements strategically. A popular joint usually gathers them together, so be aware of your footsteps or errand loops to dodge popular hotspots.

Dress to Fool Them

Putting on a disguise can sometimes do the trick. Simple costumes, glasses and scarfs, dermatological masks and many discreet adjustments might help you. Admittedly it sounds easier said than done, but Katie Holmes was able to walk through NYC flashing a brand new hoodie without arousing suspicion thanks to her nonchalant appearance.

Take Strict Detours

Sometimes it is necessary for celebrities or the paparazzi to take other streets or assume more complicated assets. Running away means taking an extra focus on working outfits, just in case a photographer finds you before you reach your goal. Vanity aside, we know many celebs carry backpacks and sneakers and swaps them out for important transports.

Be Proactive on Your Social Media

Most famous people fail more on this one than anything. As casual as taking selfies of ourselves may seem, we should always omit locations or clear street indications through our accounts. Every indulgence reveals plenty with them every day. Use your digital handles only to post ad-friendly, glamorous looks or cryptic statement updates – this keeps the attention on your work and your celebrity stature.

Hire a Security Team

If possible, hiring or increasing your security personnel can work wonders against photography ingenuity. With both bodyguards and chauffeurs helping you get through crowds and safely into destinations, flying under the radar becomes evident. A trusted flesh and blood posse can dispel uninvited seducers easily with systematic instructions, which cuts many percentiles of chance faces photograph ambitions.


The truth is, outsmarting the paparazzi isn’t easy. Cameras will always flock to celebrities because they’re idols to many. But the tips discussed herein can efficiently help you stay one step ahead while maintaining your privacy. Keep your confidence positive, vibes playful and stick to a strict protocol with discernment, courage and a well-designed ecoystem that rewards and fosters discretion.

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