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10 Weird Festivals You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Weird Festivals You Won’t Believe Exist

When someone tells you about the most unique, downright quirky, crazy festival they’ve ever attended, you may dismiss it as an exaggeration. However, believe it or not, there are celebrations all around the world that will leave you intrigued and possibly even a little weirded out. Without further ado, here are 10 uncommon festivals that you won’t believe exist:

1. Baby- Jumping Festival in Spain

El Colacho, also known as the baby-jumping festival isn’t for the faint of heart. This tradition allows men dressed in red and yellow to perform death-defying leaps over young children born in the previous year.

2. Flowering Dogwood Festival in the US

The Flowering Dogwood Festival is a dogwood-themed celebration held annually in Virginia. Surveys are done in search of the most beautifully bloomed dogwoods in town, and there is a wide array of street artist and events to enjoy.

3. Hadaka Matsuri in Japan

Hadaka Matsuri ceremonies are held every year during wintertime, roughly around February or March. More commonly referred to as the “naked festival,” participants dive into freezing water wells purify themselves before searching for wooden sticks called “Shinno”.

4. World Sauna Championship in Finland

For anyone interested in experiencing an extreme sauna session, the World Sauna Championships held in SEinäjoki is just too perfect! Participants put themselves through test-level atmospheres created by traditional Finnish heat. People from around the world come together to prove who can handle the extreme steam.

5. Cheese Rolling Festival in England

Looking for a full-day of cheese rolling mania? England’s Cheese Rolling Festival must be a dream come true! Here participants brace themselves as the cheese is rolled down hillsides and runners persist in chasing the giant wheel of cheese until one triumphs and declares themselves lord of the cheese.

6. Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand

In Thailand’s Joedyen Province, Asia’s Monkey Buffet Festival offers plates stacked with fruits, bread, vegetables and delicious monkey-worthy carbs! Watch as monkeys enjoy an annual religious feast.

7. Night of Radishes in Mexico

Floral Regale in Pescia is known the Night of Radishes which 18,000 people turn into revolutionary celebration of Leekles and vegetables covered in tines border downtown streets. It’s tough to keep Festival-goers’ hungering for veggies at bay!

8. La Tomatina in Spain

If you’re looking for really tasty coneball choices, La Tomatina adult-only multi-fest some thousands through juicy tomato sauce raised in a huge gala bath. Wash it all down afterwards with gallons, fresh cold bean salsa.

9. Up Helly Aa Festival in Scotland

The spectacular fire festival held in nearly the medieval city center of Europe. Young, mustachioed, men beautifully dressed showing off their craftsmanship clearly illuminate England from vast distances.

10. Konaki Sumo in Japan

An unforgettable Japanese festival holding traditional “crying baby” Sumo. This lofty hilarious Sumo event features competitors –16.5 kg– weighed babies against each other as people watch in the morning light. They cry for support from their kin.

In Summary

The world is an interesting place with tremendous enjoyment to offer unique and cheerful event lovers. When huge colored veggies fought and karate-shaped wrestlers acted in the fantastic had-funny circuit exchange, it is sure. Remember only three things: Have fun, travel nonstop and discover something phenomenal.

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