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Heidi Bivens' book ensures timeless Euphoria fashion.

Heidi Bivens’ book ensures timeless Euphoria fashion.

Euphoria Fashion Book: A Must-Have for Fans of the Show

Euphoria first aired on HBO in the summer of 2019, taking the world by storm with its raw teen-drama and iconic costumes, which set fashion trends and spawned the viral Euphoria High memes. Costume designer Heidi Bivens, the mind behind the show’s memorable fashion, recently released Euphoria Fashion, a 272-page book immortalizing the show’s influential wardrobe.

May Cassie’s Oklahoma ‘fit and pretty much all of Maddy’s ensembles now and forever live in our minds — and on our coffee tables.

At 8.25 x 11.75 inches, the hardcover arrives swaddled in cloth with lettering finished with holographic foil (very Euphoria, if you will). And as one of the best openers, the book starts with a foreword by Jeremy Scott, former Moschino creative director and arguably one of the greatest designers of this era.

Between its 272 pages, fans will discover character-by-character wardrobe breakdowns (the most fashionable and underrated included), exclusive Q&As with the cast and designers, and original essays (including one exploring the series’ meme-fication).

For the Euphoria heads (and TikTokers) whose eyes instantly lit up to the holographic cover, the $60 Euphoria Fashion book is currently available on the A24 website.

New Season of Euphoria to Feature Adult Characters with New Looks

Following two specials after season one, Euphoria‘s second season came in hot with only eight episodes, leaving fans on the edge of their seat every Sunday. Despite some drama here and there, Euphoria season three’s production kicks off soon. And Bivens revealed that we could see a time jump in the forthcoming season run, with the characters now as adults. 

“There is talks of [Euphoria season three] being approximately five years in the future, and they’re not in high school anymore,” Bivens stated during an interview.

“I mean, it might a total trip. Who can say? But knowing Sam [Levinson’s] brain, it’s gonna be exciting, and he will challenge all of us, because he won’t want to repeat himself.”

With the characters now adulting, that calls for new looks, which means…start prepping, Miss Bivens. We’re going to need a book dedicated to season three.


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