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Health screenings for rural areas post-pandemic outreach.

Health screenings for rural areas post-pandemic outreach.

GALLATIN Health and Wellness Expo Benefits Sumner County Residents

The Health and Wellness Expo, organized by Meharry Medical College and West Eastland Church of Christ, recently took place in Sumner County, Tennessee. This event provided an invaluable opportunity for hundreds of residents to receive free health screenings and explore the healthcare services available in the area. The expo particularly benefited those without insurance coverage.

An Annual Event of Importance

For longtime Sumner County resident, Betty Watkins, the Tennessee-Meharry Medical College HBCU Wellness Project’s Health and Wellness Expo is an eagerly anticipated annual event. Betty stresses the expo’s importance in providing vital healthcare services to those who may lack transportation access.

Back in Person and Making an Impact

This year’s expo marked a significant milestone as it was the first in-person event since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With dozens of vendors participating, the community had the opportunity to explore a wide range of healthcare offerings. Dr. Deidra McClain, a dentist from Goodlettsville Smiles, believes events like this are crucial in raising awareness about available healthcare options in the community.

“It just lets people know what’s here. Some people just don’t know; they just don’t get out. But free stuff brings them out. I’m okay with that,” said Dr. McClain.

Access to Free Screenings

The expo also provided free screenings, which Georgia Wright from Gallatin emphasized the importance of. Such opportunities are valuable for individuals who may not have the means to pay for regular check-ups.

Saving Lives and Building Community Connections

Pastor Victor Foreman of West Eastland Church of Christ recognized the potential impact of the Health and Wellness Expo, stating, “This is probably going to save somebody’s life.” The event aimed to not only offer essential healthcare services but also create a sense of community by featuring door prizes, giveaways, and refreshments for attendees.

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