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Global Culture Development Goal: Envisioning Beyond 2030

Global Culture Development Goal: Envisioning Beyond 2030


In this context, UNESCO and Greece are organizing a high-level discussion, in the margin of the HLPF on the role of culture as a global public good and as a sustainable development.

Role of Culture as a Global Public Good

Moderated by the Assistant Director-General for Culture of UNESCO, high-level speakers and panelists will reflect on the key need to guarantee the right of everyone to access, participate in, and enjoy culture.

Cultural Rights

Cultural rights encompass various aspects:

Right to Cultural Heritage and Identity

The right to cultural heritage and identity is an integral part of cultural rights.

Intellectual Property and Fair Remuneration

Cultural rights include the right to intellectual property and fair remuneration for artists and creators.

Artistic Freedom and Freedom of Expression

Cultural rights also protect artistic freedom, including the right to create without censorship or intimidation.

Protection of Socio-Economic Rights

Cultural rights extend to the protection of socio-economic rights related to culture.

Right to Freedom of Movement

Cultural rights encompass the right to freedom of movement for individuals to engage in cultural activities and exchanges.

Practice and Transmission of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Cultural rights also include the right of communities to practice and transmit their intangible cultural heritage.


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