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Founder: Schools must adopt AI to tackle cheating.

Founder: Schools must adopt AI to tackle cheating.

Embracing AI Technology in Education

Plagiarism detectors may be ineffective against artificial intelligence (AI) cheating, but instead of fearing it, schools should embrace the technology, according to Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy. Khan, an American educator, believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize education and urges schools to utilize it.

As the rise of “generative AI” models like ChatGPT, capable of producing high-level essays and assignments based on simple prompts, poses a challenge for educational institutions, concerns over cheating have escalated. Many schools have turned to plagiarism-detecting software to combat essay-writing mills, but Khan argues that this approach will likely prove futile.

Khan suggests that instead of relying solely on plagiarism detectors, institutions should proactively incorporate AI technology into their educational systems. By integrating AI, schools can not only detect instances of cheating but also offer personalized feedback and support to students. AI can analyze students’ writing patterns, identify areas where improvement is needed, and provide targeted guidance.

Moreover, AI can facilitate more efficient grading processes, alleviating the burden on teachers and allowing them to dedicate more time to individual instruction. With AI’s ability to provide instant feedback and assistance, students can receive timely guidance to enhance their learning experience.

Augmenting Teachers’ Capabilities

The implementation of AI in education is not intended to replace teachers but to augment their capabilities and improve the educational experience for both teachers and students. By embracing AI technology, schools can stay ahead of the curve and harness its potential to enhance education in the digital era.

In conclusion, while traditional plagiarism detectors may be ineffective against AI cheating, schools should view this as an opportunity to leverage AI technology in education. By embracing AI, institutions can combat cheating while also providing personalized support, efficient grading processes, and enhanced learning experiences for students.


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