Thursday, May 23, 2024
Florida's politics push tourists and money away.

Florida’s politics push tourists and money away.

A series of newly signed bills in Florida has caused controversy and led to protests, lawsuits, and travel advisories, warning that the state is unwelcome and hostile towards marginalized communities. This backlash is now impacting Florida’s convention business, an important source of revenue for a state that relies heavily on tourism taxes. Several organizations have announced the cancellation or relocation of their upcoming conferences, redirecting attendees and finances to states deemed safer and more inclusive. While Governor Ron DeSantis dismisses these actions as a “media-driven stunt,” tourism officials and community organizations are concerned that this is just the beginning of the fallout. The long-term nature of conference bookings means that the true impact may not be felt for years. As of July 26, Visit Lauderdale has recorded 10 canceled events, resulting in 15,000 lost hotel room nights and an estimated $20 million economic impact. This loss, though currently a small percentage of Broward County’s Tourist Development Tax collections, is worrying given the substantial investments made in recent years. The Orange County Convention Center in Orlando has also experienced cancellations, including the withdrawal of a major conference due to the passing of a law restricting transgender participation in women’s sports. In Tampa, organizations hosting conferences this year have expressed their displeasure with Florida’s legislation, and there is concern about prospective clients hesitating to choose Florida as a destination. Governor DeSantis has highlighted the state’s record tourism and strong economy but declined to comment further. The changing political climate has affected organizations’ decisions to hold events in Florida and has prompted them to reconsider future conferences. Some, like the Math Association of America and, have outlined specific criteria that must be met for them to return to Florida. The National Society of Black Engineers decided to move its 2024 event from Florida, citing conversations with various organizations and the desire to uphold their mission in an environment that undermines it. The impact of these decisions goes beyond the loss of revenue, as they reflect the ongoing struggle for inclusivity and equality.


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