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Explore unique art from unconventional artists.

Explore unique art from unconventional artists.

World Art Day: Celebrating Indie Artists and Social Media Accounts


You do not always need to go to an art gallery to learn about new artists or be introduced to art that can blow your mind. This World Art Day we feature four different artists and social media accounts that will inspire, sooth and provoke.

Art and Dailies

An account that sets the mood for the day and does so with-Oh So much beauty and grace! You can find the @artandailies on instagram which shares art, ranging from movie scenes with unparalleled cinematography to paintings. We particularly loved a beautiful painting of a woman sitting on the edge of a wall built around a little town by the sea with the caption “I*m not sure. About anything.* The art resonates with many of us who might not have it all figured out! While another post featuring artist Andrei Tarkovksy plays with the vintage medium of Polaroids and is a collection of finding beauty in the everyday.


Indu Lalitha Harikumar. Pic/@induviduality

Artist Indu Lalitha Harikumar found at @induviduality has developed her own voice with a comic strip that talks about gender and sexuality. Centered on female sexuality in particular the artiswwt draws from her own experiences about maneuvering relationships with a sexual dynamic. Honest and raw, the art, based on her perspective towards men via dating apps like Tinder and being unapologetic about what she wants, this, we feel is definitely a conversation worth having.

AI Art

Prateek Arora. Pic/@_prateekarora

We look at the artist Prateek Arora who works with AI art. The artist can be found on instagram @_prateekarora and works towards Indian sci-fi representation. He challenges the widely held perception that all AI art is based aesthetically on western concepts. We especially loved the post captioned ‘Old Delhi by #AI’ that features AI Art with Indian ghouls and monsters with the backdrop of old Delhi.


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