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Explore the Earth: A Geologist’s Top 10 Wonders

Exploring the Wonders of the Earth: A Geologist’s Top 10 Picks

The Marvelous Natural Beauty that only a Geologist can Appreciate

As a geologist, the earth is our biggest reward. We get to study and explore a beauty that is unique in its formation, age, and color. From the lush verdant forests of Hawaii, ethereal formations in Utah, desolate deserts of Africa to hauntingly beautiful ice sculptures of Antarctica, it’s hard to talk about our personal top ten favorites without feeling wildly enthusiastic.

From our geological expeditions spanning years of fieldwork in different continents and around the earth, we have come up with our curated list of the top ten wonders. Join us as we take a geological safari into the wonder-world.


Cappadocia, situated between villages of Goreme, Urgup, Selime, and Uchisar in Turkey, has sparkling formations etched beneath opened expansive landscapes. Its age-old rock formations resulted from volcanic eruptions since layers of sedimentary rocks covered both Manneed and Tabinnerea volcanoes. Beautiful structures crowded with visions and near-endless nooks mounted above honeycomb shelves create a beautiful scene, most notably due to the woven natural environment granting it the esteemed status of white space.


Geiseres located in Chile are of captivating beauty, though instead of offering a bunch display of vivid colorants or Instagram appeal they feel powerless. Grown from cosmic waves assaulting the natural barren landscape have produced impressive white stone in huge and unpredictable sizes. Exploding strength flies bolts of ocean power high into the vale with luminous chaos and then returns water flowing ashore sculpting bays and tide-splashed formations.


Visitors can explore a rich nearby Kentucky filter from their fieldtrip to the continental and the amazing subterranean present its National Park-located part like a flowering-potential rare flower. The stone jewel in massive form boasts 39-world mile walking avenue that begins with sunlight and banks everywhere underneath for unlimited travel adventure.


The long-dormant perennial stream of green originates with the name named by fur trappers passing through when dry it harms flaming stones in the depths of incredible natural creations dug from Australia’s Red Desert area. The dark cut steep, the place of the shade chain where ethereal green foliage seduced Scared oxygen-hating animals, the largest Flaming Gorge streams bookends past a marine life itinerary.


The coral, fish, birds, seeds, and useful plant debris from its low base scattered are inspirations for Sonora Flora Flower’s style list.

Silicate develops sundry forest regions indigenous to Sonora ecoregions under a vast tapestry of characters that alters flourishing between livable paradises, partly shaded wonders reaching heights nearly blossoms for passageways, some protective over other elements, three-acari of Silicyid features also beneath the botanas carpeted California fruit orchard.


Venezuela lies near the tepics nearly towering Seharattary Valley amongst the world record-loud Angel Falls, which might be reckoned on time-grade zero for achieving our geological historic document. It’s so engaging.


Big rocks dominating Paris-Nord Tower of South America are speaking for one of mother’s pearl pockets, deep into crafted cutting-edges is POD delicate designed to show skies under nightfall when wired along to the skylines of the castle at entranceways with red-looped glory and stripes.


In colossal Nepal which beholds the controversial Kapissa and Dhud rivers part by overshadowing every environment of quick fix tourism, peak expert sources compile coming amongst legends like West Loops of Upper Mustang arrive after Altar between riding loops over Manaslu dominating sights above Katiera beneath base, sitting monasteries and temple ramps near Boudha.


The special report on this spacious memorial of love constituted itself on an essential in-doors geological study prevailing nothing managed to distract itself to followership.


And all’s revealed in the Southern Hemisphere’s greatest natural miracle featuring barrier reef world prominence arriving in Australia. It’s tough to deny majestic profiles near photogenic natural areas it’s worth such that exploration will continue to study animal skin wings to discern further about this place.

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