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2023 Congressional winners announced by Rep. Loudermilk.

2023 Congressional winners announced by Rep. Loudermilk.

Rep. Loudermilk Announces the Winners of the 2023 Congressional Awards

Rep. Loudermilk has announced the winners of the 2023 Congressional Awards. The Awards are designed to recognize outstanding young people in the fields of Volunteer Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration.

The Winners

This year’s winner for Volunteer Public Service is Daniel Smith, who has dedicated over 1,500 hours of volunteer service to his local community. The winner for Personal Development is Emily Carter, who has shown tremendous growth in personal and intellectual skills. The Physical Fitness award goes to John Watson, who has demonstrated excellent physical fitness through his involvement in sports and other physical activities. Finally, the Expedition/Exploration award goes to Sarah Johnson, who embarked on a challenging expedition to the Amazon rainforest to learn about the local culture and environmental issues.


Rep. Loudermilk congratulates the winners for their hard work and dedication to their respective fields. He believes that these young people are an inspiration to others and are a testament to the importance of commitment and perseverance. The Congressman is proud to recognize their achievements and hopes that the Awards will encourage other young people to strive for excellence in their endeavours.

About Rep. Loudermilk

Rep. Loudermilk is a respected member of the United States Congress, and he is committed to serving his constituents with integrity and dedication. He represents the 11th district of Georgia and is known for his advocacy of youth development programmes. The Congressman is a strong believer in the potential of young people and strives to provide them with opportunities to grow and succeed.


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