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Experience India's timeless craftsmanship with Jadau Jewellery

Experience India’s timeless craftsmanship with Jadau Jewellery

Aspiring for Perfection: Jadau – The Art of Exquisite Jewellery

Jadau jewellery is a style that every bride desires to don on her wedding day. This art form involves embedding precious gemstones like uncut diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies, coral, turquoise, sapphires, and others into semi-solid gold, instantly elevating the bridal ensemble.

The Intricate Process of Jadau

Jadau is a labour-intensive craftsmanship that requires immense care and skill from talented artisans. It is a collaborative effort involving different groups of craftspeople. Chiterias create the jewellery’s design, while Ghaarias work with flexible gold, engraving and spacing the pieces. The enameller embellishes the back of the jewellery with meenakari work after the stones are set in the gold setting.

A Test of Time

The length of time taken to produce a piece of Jadau jewellery varies depending on its complexity. The process demands extreme caution and delicacy, hence a simple item might be completed in a few days, whereas a more intricate piece can take several months to finish.

Evolution of Jadau

In today’s era, Jadau jewellery has evolved to incorporate intricate craftsmanship and delicate engravings. This expansion has opened doors for brides to wear these pieces on various occasions, beyond just weddings and traditional ceremonies.

Introducing Jashn-e-jadau: MK Jewels’ Latest Collection

For those seeking a touch of royalty, MK Jewels’ Jashn-e-jadau collection offers breathtaking blue and pink Sapphires. Crafted with meticulous detail using 22kt Gold, each piece showcases a burst of color, enhancing its grandeur and capturing the essence of Indian heritage.


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