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Elliott remains unfazed by winless season.

Elliott remains unfazed by winless season.

Chase Elliott Remains Calm Despite Challenges

An injury and a suspension disrupted the first half of Chase Elliott’s season and dropped him far below the playoff cutline. Yet he is not panicking.

Embracing the Need for Victories

Elliott acknowledges that in order to secure a playoff spot, winning is crucial. While there were moments when earning points seemed plausible, he understands that the narrative can change quickly.

Jeff Gordon’s Influence

Elliott shares Hendrick Motorsports vice chairman Jeff Gordon’s perspective on the importance of winning. Making the playoffs on points alone is considered acceptable, but the ultimate goal is to win races and contend for a championship.

Consistency is Key

The No. 9 team understands the need to consistently finish inside the top 10 to progress. Since his return from a fractured tibia in April, Elliott and his team have struggled to achieve the same level of consistency as in the previous season.

Contrasting Seasons

By comparing last season’s performance to the current one, it is clear that Elliott’s results have been less impressive. In his first 20 races last year, he attained three wins and top-10 finishes in 70% of his starts. In contrast, this year he has yet to secure a victory and only has top-10 finishes in 53.8% of his starts.

Qualifying Challenges

Elliott’s average starting position this season has dropped compared to the previous year. In 2020, he had an average starting position of 10.7, including three pole wins. This year, his average starting position is 18.7 after 13 races.

Fighting for Points and Enjoying the Challenge

Despite the difficulties, Elliott has found some enjoyment in the fight for points and consistency. He likens it to a throwback experience and takes pride in changing the narrative around his team.

Pocono Raceway – Opportunity awaits

Pocono Raceway presents the next opportunity for Elliott and his team. It is a track where he has shown consistency with eight top-10 finishes and four top-fives in his career. While winning at Pocono may not be his main objective this time, Elliott aims to position himself near the front for the final restart and gradually improve his results.

Ups and Downs of the Season

Elliott has experienced both successful performances and challenging moments in the current season. Despite facing adversity, he remains focused on the task at hand and aims to perform well in the remaining regular-season races.

Continuing to Work Towards Success

Elliott believes in riding the wave and putting in the necessary work to achieve success. With the support of his team and determination, he trusts that things will work out in the end.


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