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Donald Trump's arraignment to happen here - CNN International.

Donald Trump’s arraignment to happen here – CNN International.

This is where Donald Trump will be arraigned later

The arraignment hearing for Donald Trump, former President of the United States, is set to take place today at a courthouse in New York City. The arraignment is a crucial step in the legal process, where the charges against Trump will be formally presented, and he will have the opportunity to enter a plea.


Donald Trump is facing multiple charges, including conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and financial improprieties. The charges stem from investigations into his actions during his presidency and his business dealings before taking office.

Arraignment Details

The arraignment will be held in the federal courthouse in downtown Manhattan. The courthouse has been the site of numerous high-profile cases over the years and has now become the focal point for Trump’s legal battles.

Expected Procedures

During the arraignment, the presiding judge will read out the charges against Trump and ask for his plea. Trump’s defense team will have the opportunity to present any initial motions or requests. If Trump pleads not guilty, the case will move to the next stage, where evidence will be gathered and presented.

Public Interest

The arraignment has garnered significant attention from both the public and the media. Many people see this legal proceeding as a pivotal moment in holding a former president accountable for his actions. Trump’s supporters and critics alike will be closely watching the developments in this case.

Future Implications

The outcome of this arraignment and subsequent legal proceedings will have far-reaching implications. If Trump is found guilty, he could face various penalties, including fines and even imprisonment. This case will also set a precedent for how future cases involving former presidents are handled.


The arraignment of Donald Trump marks a significant moment in the legal proceedings against the former president. As the arraignment takes place today, the eyes of the nation will be on the courthouse in New York City, waiting to see how this chapter in Trump’s legal saga unfolds.


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