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DeSantis, faithful in conservative Utah, prioritizes God over politics | News, Sports, Jobs.

DeSantis, faithful in conservative Utah, prioritizes God over politics | News, Sports, Jobs.

Ron DeSantis Stumps in Utah, Emphasizes Faith and Endorsements

Republican presidential candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis spoke in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Friday, highlighting his extensive list of endorsements and emphasizing his faith in God over political ideology. While facing financial challenges and a stagnant position in the Republican primary field, DeSantis viewed the race as a state-by-state contest and sought to connect Utah’s thriving economy and conservative governing strategies with his own.

Super Tuesday Strategy and Utah’s Importance

DeSantis defended his campaign’s strategy and support in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire, pledging to concentrate on Super Tuesday contests such as Utah’s. With a primarily conservative and religious population, Utah’s March 5 primary holds significant potential for the Florida governor’s struggling campaign. Former President Donald Trump, DeSantis’ main rival, has performed relatively poorly in the state, which could provide a boost for DeSantis.

Faith in God and Politicization of History

During his speech, DeSantis emphasized that his faith in God was his driving force, stating that politics should not be the main divide in the country. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris criticized a Black history curriculum supported by DeSantis in Florida, accusing it of possible political manipulation. DeSantis defended the curriculum, stating that it was rooted in factual information and aimed to prevent liberal indoctrination.

Efforts to Secure Endorsements and Appeal to Religious Voters

In his quest to gain support, DeSantis visited Utah to meet with Governor Spencer Cox and attend a fundraising event. DeSantis aimed to win over religious voters, as demonstrated by his recent appearance at the Christians’ United for Israel conference. Utah’s religious and culturally conservative atmosphere has historically posed a challenge for candidates like Trump, who finished third in the state’s 2016 Republican presidential caucuses. However, Utah ultimately supported Trump in both the 2016 and 2020 general elections.

Utah’s Shifting Political Landscape

Utah’s political landscape has undergone changes in recent years, with the traditionally moderate state moving toward more conservative policies. The state’s Republican supermajority has implemented legislation restricting gender-affirming care for transgender children and allowing school boards to consider removing certain books from libraries. These issues align with DeSantis’ campaign message and appeal to conservative voters. State Senator Todd Weiler expressed doubt about Trump’s prospects in the state’s GOP primary, citing concerns about his character, past controversies, and the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

Importance of Super Tuesday and Utah’s Primary

Utah is one of over a dozen states holding primary contests on Super Tuesday, a crucial day in the primary calendar due to the high number of delegates at stake. Unlike in 2016, Utah now holds a primary election instead of caucuses, increasing participation opportunities for voters. The winner of Utah’s primary is expected to secure all 40 delegates, making it a significant prize in the race for the Republican nomination.


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