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Culture celebration on the Green: Puerto Rican Festival.

Culture celebration on the Green: Puerto Rican Festival.

Puerto Rican Festival of New Haven Celebrates Puerto Rican Culture

The Puerto Rican Festival of New Haven, known as Fiesta Puertorriqueño de New Haven, took place on August 12, 2023, at the Green in New Haven. The festival aimed to honor and celebrate Puerto Rican culture and heritage, attracting a diverse range of attendees.

The event offered a vibrant atmosphere and a variety of activities for families to enjoy. Food trucks lined the festival grounds, offering authentic Puerto Rican cuisine to satisfy attendees’ taste buds. From traditional dishes like mofongo and arroz con gandules to fried plantains and empanadas, there was something for everyone to indulge in.

In addition to the culinary delights, the festival provided various family activities to keep all ages entertained. Children were seen enjoying themselves, dancing and waving Puerto Rican flags. One-year-old Malachi Diaz from New Haven even joined in the festivities, proudly waving the Puerto Rican flag.

Arts and crafts vendors showcased their talents, displaying handmade jewelry, artwork, and traditional crafts. Attendees had the opportunity to browse and purchase unique souvenirs to commemorate the event. The vibrant colors and intricate designs showcased the rich artistic heritage of Puerto Rico.

Live music filled the air, with local bands and performers taking the stage throughout the day. Maddy Muniz from Wallingford, along with her husband Ben, danced to the lively beats, immersing themselves in the joyful atmosphere. Lisa Torres from Springfield, Massachusetts, was also seen dancing with her husband Luis, showcasing the unity and shared love for Puerto Rican culture.

Photographers and videographers captured these special moments, documenting the celebration and preserving the memories for years to come. Andres Torres from Hartford was seen filming the event, ensuring that the spirit of the festival could be shared with those who couldn’t attend.

The Puerto Rican Festival of New Haven successfully showcased the vibrancy and richness of Puerto Rican culture. With a beautiful blend of food, music, arts, and crafts, it provided a platform to appreciate and celebrate the contributions Puerto Ricans have made to the community.


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