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Coloradoan relocates to Midtown Fort Collins, introducing modifications.

After nearly 50 years on Riverside Avenue, the Coloradoan is preparing to move to a new location. The buildings at 1212 and 1300 Riverside have been home to countless journalists, advertising agents, and press operators who have worked tirelessly to connect the Fort Collins community. While these buildings have served as a visual anchor for the community, they do not define the Coloradoan. Instead, the heart and soul of our publication have always been the dedicated individuals who have gone above and beyond to keep Northern Colorado informed through every challenge and triumph.

Throughout the years, the Coloradoan has weathered the changes and advancements in the newspaper industry, from the advent of the internet to the redefinition of American journalism. Yet, amidst all these transformations, one constant remains—the daily miracle of producing news that didn’t exist only hours or minutes before. Whether it be the printed newspaper or a late-night internet update on a significant event, the Coloradoan has consistently delivered this daily miracle.

Sometimes, this miracle hinges on the actions of one person. That is why, in selecting our new Midtown office, we wanted to pay homage to the individual responsible for setting our press in motion. On April 25, 1873, Joseph McClelland rolled out the first edition of the Larimer County Express, which eventually became the Coloradoan. It is fitting, then, that our new office will be located on McClelland Drive, a tribute to the man who started it all.

Our new space is designed to meet the needs of a leaner, more mobile operation. The majority of our journalists and advertising staff now work remotely, with their laptops serving as their offices. This move reflects our commitment to adapt to the changing nature of journalism and ensure that we can continue to serve the Fort Collins community.

As someone who has spent 11 years working at 1300 Riverside, I am personally excited for this move. While the memories of the Coloradoan’s past will always be cherished, it is time for us to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. With this relocation, we are making room for 13 journalists and a handful of advertising staff, who are supported by a network of remote colleagues within Gannett. We honor our past as we work towards a future where the Coloradoan remains an integral part of Fort Collins’ fabric.

In light of these changes, we have some exciting news to share about our team. Rebecca Powell, a veteran editor with over 21 years of experience at the Coloradoan, will be taking over as our city government watchdog reporter. Powell’s deep roots in Northern Colorado and her extensive knowledge of the Fort Collins landscape make her the perfect fit for this critical beat.

Additionally, we are expanding our team to include a growing communities and environment reporter. While we may primarily be known as the Fort Collins Coloradoan, we recognize the impact of urbanization in the entire region. This new position will focus on how local government decisions affect livability and the environment in Larimer and Weld counties.

Unfortunately, not all news is as positive. Lucas Boland, a talented photojournalist who joined us earlier this year, will be leaving the Coloradoan in late August to pursue new opportunities in New York City. Lucas’ work has been exceptional, and we have no doubt that he will continue to make waves in the world of photojournalism.

In conclusion, while change may be on the horizon for the Coloradoan, our commitment to providing essential and exclusive news to our readers remains unwavering. With a strong team in place, including editors and planners, news reporters, and sports reporters, we are ready to take on the future. We appreciate your continued support as we navigate these exciting times and look forward to serving the Fort Collins community for many more years to come.


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