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Brazilian woman's love story with phone thief.

Brazilian woman’s love story with phone thief.

The love story of this couple started after the man mugged his future partner and found her photos in the stolen phone “beautiful”

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Photo: Twitter screenshot

Published: Tue 25 Jul 2023, 3:48 PM

That first meeting with a special one is always worthy of a story. And this couple’s story has gone viral thanks to social media.

No, they did not meet in a cafe, exchanged glances, and fell in love. Their love story started after the man stole his future partner’s phone and found her photo “beautiful”. (Yes, you heard it right).

In a video shared on Twitter, a reporter is seen interviewing the pair at an event in Brazil. The woman, identified as Emanuela, shares that she was once walking down a street and “unfortunately, I was mugged”.

The man, who stole the phone and later became her partner, says, “When I saw her photo on the phone, I said to myself ‘What a beautiful brunette, you don’t see a brunette like that every day,’ and I regretted stealing it.”

As the reporter jokes, “So you stole her phone and then her heart?” the man replies, “exactly”.

According to the New York Post, they have been dating for two years.

The video — posted by journalist Milton Neves on July 21 — has received more than 230,000 views on Twitter and drawn a number of reactions.

“Brazil has not surprised me for a long time,” a user wrote.

One person wondered, “I just didn’t understand how he spoke to her, by her number, if he had her cell phone?”

“How did he unlock the cell phone (her) saw the number and called her? The cell phone was with him. I understand it was nothing,” a user questioned.


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